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My Grandsons Are Teaching Me Who I Am!



If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I'd have had them first.

                                                                                                            ~ Lois Wyse

One of the most powerful handclasps is that of a new grandbaby around the finger of a grandfather.

                                                                                                         ~ Joy Hargrove

I have three wonderful children and am even more blessed with two amazing grandsons. I’m looking forward to other little ones joining in on the fun some day . . . No pressure!

Simon is turning 3 in a week and Wyatt turned 1 on Christmas Day. We have a very special Christmas present to celebrate each year.

No words can express the joy and the love my wife and I have for these little guys. When our first child was born, we wondered how we could love a second child, then we had the child and the third and discovered we had as much love for them as for our first-born.

That love-quotient applies to being a grandpa. I cannot wait to see the boys. They bring a smile to my day when everything else seems gray.

What They Do for Me

  • They are the best cure for low self-worth; they love to play and see me as their hero. They don’t judge me; they just want me to spend time with them. They accept me for who I= am. I wish I did that more with other people and even with myself.

  • I learn much from them about how people learn and how important it is to communicate in a language and a way they understand. I have learned the importance of communicating complex ideas in a simple way.

  • I have learned the power of “why” and more “why” when it comes to the choices I make and the explanations I am asked to give—for example, why I get up each day and head to work.

  • They have taught me the importance of values and have made me examine mine. What do I want to be known for? When my grandchildren talk about me, what do I want them to say?

  • Having them in my life encourages me to take better care of my health. I want to be around for many more games of hide-and-seek, playing tractor, and being chased by the “bear” or the “tiger.”

What I Want for Them

  • I want to lead my grandchildren in a way that encourages them and respects them as the people they truly are, with the characteristics that will help them be positive role models in the world.
  • I want to help them figure out what they are passionate about in life and then help them pursue that passion in their work.
  • I want to help them discover who they are, just as they have been helping me to discover who I am.

Personal Style

I have been learning that my grandchildren came with unique personalities. I watch the 3-year-old engage with people, tasks, time, and situations. Shortly after he was born, we were all saying he had his dad’s personality. And boy, were we right!

My son-in-law is a remarkable man who has his own wood-finishing business. He does beautiful and detailed work. When he was dating my daughter, he used to come over and rearrange our DVDs into alphabetical order.

I watch little Simon playing. He needs to line up every car in the proper order. When he parks his bike, it must be in the exact spot. He goes into a room and notices that my wife has moved something and he makes a comment about how it is different—and he is 3. My son-in-law loves that trait in him, not so much my daughter.

The younger grandson has my daughter’s personality. It doesn’t matter if he is teething or has a cold, he will always give you a huge smile. He loves to explore. He loves to play. He loves life.

Yes, my grandchildren are teaching me many things. I think the most important is that it is OK to be me. I don’t need to change. They love me for who I am.

Now many of you reading this don’t have the luxury of grandchildren, yet you are struggling with the things the boys are teaching me.

  • Who I am
  • What I value
  • What am I passionate about
  • How I communicate
  • How I teach
  • How I choose to spend my work days
  • Why I choose to do what I do
  • How I lead
  • The importance of healthy living

If you have been around CRG Consulting Resource Group long enough, you know we have all the resources you need to help you answer questions about you and your life.

If you have not attended a CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop program,let me encourage you to come to the next one—June 5 to 7—out here in beautiful British Columbia.

As little Simon so often asks . . . Why?

The CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop focuses on your personal and professional development.


To increase your credibility and use our transformational resources with others, you need to personally experience the power of our processes.

Not only will you learn to use our assessment and development tools in new and more effective ways, you will have personal insights. That happens as the training unfolds and you “go to depth” with our suite of more than 100 resources.

You will . . .

Discover why more than 80% of employees dislike their job or work (based on numerous studies) and experience feelings that range from mild irritation to loathing—and what to do about it.

Learn a simple yet powerful strategy to immediately accelerate others’ success.

Become aware of how to instantly increase your credibility and effectiveness with others and how to teach others to increase theirs.

Discover what makes CRG’s tools different from other brands in the marketplace.

Understand the importance of a holistic and congruent development model and how CRG’s family of more than 100 resources fulfills that critical principle.

Learn how to incorporate CRG resources into solutions for your specific client challenges.

Simon says . . .

You don`t have the time? Why?

  • You don’t have the funds? Why?
  • You don’t think you need to come? Why?
  • You’ve been to other types of training so you don’t need this one. Why?

It’s time to stop making excuses and start making a difference—for yourself and for other people.

See you in June!

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