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Overcoming Giants
On Your Way to the Gold


Unless you were a hermit these past few weeks, you know the Sochi Olympics wrapped up last weekend.

I love the Games. A time of thrills, spills, and chills, the Games are a true expression of the human spirit striving to be its best. It’s always exciting to see an “unknown” athlete break out to great success. As the participants soar to victory or tumble to defeat, their efforts are continually captivating.

They are people living out their passions.

They are people living on purpose.

As a Canadian, I am so proud of all our nation’s athletes and their performances at Sochi, especially our Women’s Olympic Hockey Team! If you aren’t from Canada, you may have a hard time understanding how one sport—hockey—can galvanize a nation.

Here’s how it was for us during the Games. It didn’t matter if you lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, or Iqaluit, you were watching or listening. You may have been at home, with friends, at work, or at a bar; the Canadian economy stopped for 2.5 hours when our teams played. In fact, our province changed its liquor laws to allow Canadians on the West Coast to gather in bars at 4 am to watch the Men’s Gold Medal hockey match.

And now back to our ladies and their Gold Medal hockey performance . .

They were down 2-0. Their opponent had beaten them the last four games they played against each other; it looked like a fifth win for “the giants” was less than 5 minutes away.

The clock clicked away the precious seconds.

Then, with 3 minutes to go, our team scored . . . making it 2-1.

With 90 seconds left, our Canadian team chose to remove the goaltender to add an additional “forward” player. In the ensuing face-off, our opponents cleared the puck from their end of the ice. The puck sped toward the empty Canadian net—with no goaltender or defenseman to stop it.

Game over, I thought.

Then the miracle happened. The puck hit a net post and stayed out. There was a collective sigh across the nation. With just 54 seconds left, Team Canada scored to tie the game and force overtime. The rest is history. Shortly into overtime, the Canadians scored the winning goal to take the Gold. Incredible!

We can take some great life and business lessons from that game.

1. It was important for our team to remember the past.

Ever since Women’s Hockey has been part of the Winter Olympics, every medal Canada has won in that sport was Gold. Yes, their opponent had beaten them in the last four encounters, but Team Canada did win against them once earlier this year.

Lesson: You may be facing difficult moments right now in business or life. I want to suggest that you take some time to reflect over the past and concentrate on the times you were victorious. I encourage you to start diarizing the good things in your life. Then when a setback or a giant appears, you can remind yourself you have been an overcomer in the past—and you will be in the future.

2. Remember your priorities.

Yes, personal pride was on the line in the game, but they weren’t playing just for themselves; they were playing for their nation.

Lesson: In your work, don’t focus only on “what’s in it for me.” Do your best for your company, your co-workers, and your clients. Seeing The Big Picture allows you to keep moving forward, even in the most challenging times.

3. Play with passion.

Most people retreat when faced with a difficult situation. The Canadian Woman’s team did not. They didn’t think they were beaten. Instead, they fueled their passion to win and went straight at their opponent

Lesson: What are you running from today? What problem are you refusing to face? What elephant in the room do you fear? The problem won’t magically go away. You must take some form of action. Run up to the giant with all the passion you have and see it defeated!

4. Keep up your persistence.

Sports is one of the greatest metaphors when it comes to staying in the game until it’s  over. There’s a saying in hockey—there are 60 minutes in the game, not 59. When you are down 2-0 to a formidable opponent in the very last minutes, it would be easy to give up. The Canadians did not. They kept coming. They kept changing their strategy until they found a way to win.

Lesson: You will face obstacles on your path to success. Will you stop and stare and see your dreams drain away or will you find a way to go over, under, or around giants to reach your full potential?

This morning I had coffee with a client about to close a land deal. He had all his funding in place with his bank, then the bank pulled back. Instead of giving up, my client dug in and spent yesterday making contacts in the private investment world to raise the $1.6 million he needed. When I saw him this morning, he was exhausted—but he had the money!

Along your path to success, you’ll meet giants and you’ll meet naysayers. They’ll tell you all the reasons you can’t do something—too young, too old, too much, too little, too late, wrong color, wrong gender, wrong school, wrong side of the tracks . . .

Don’t on focus on the giants.
Focus on your goal.

Ignore the naysayers.
Listen to your heart and keep moving forward.

CRG Consulting Resource Group is about helping people live on purpose.

We need to get clear about who we are. Sometimes the biggest giant we must face is ourselves. Too often, we have allowed our Personal Style to stand in the way of our success. “That’s just the way I am” is no excuse.

I am here today to tell you that you need to take control of your Personal Style.


Understand what it is and learn how to use it to your advantage. Don’t let it destroy your credibility and accomplishments in life.

Start today by taming the Personal Style that has been a major giant on your road to the Gold.

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