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Where Does Enthusiam Come From?
by Nico Human

My wife and I are blessed with two great kids.

Now two well-adjusted young adults—and the oldest married—they still are best of friends, meeting every week for, in their words, "coffee and a chat." It´s not something all brothers and sisters do and it´s not something to take for granted.

They have lots in common. They have one set of parents. They grew up in the same household. They are close in age. They went to the same schools. We as parents always tried to treat them equally and fairly. They should be pretty much the same, right?

Wrong! They could not be more different, especially when you see them first thing in the morning. The one needs time, space, silence, and tender loving care to start the day. The other awakens instantly, hears the birds singing in the trees, and looks forward with joy to the new day and the adventures ahead.

One has to try hard to find enthusiasm. For the other, enthusiasm is simply part of being alive.

Watching our kids got me thinking about enthusiasm and its source within us.
Why does one offspring have to work at it?
Why is the other naturally motivated and enthusiastic?

My quest led me to consider the following.

  • Personal Style Preference
    Can a person with high Behavioral tendencies be motivated by and find enthusiasm in being able to do things?

Does the opportunity to handle a lot of detail motivate the Cognitive part of us?

Do highly Interpersonal people become enthusiastic when they are able to create harmony?

People with high scores in the Affective style preference are perhaps naturally inclined to be enthusiastic, but where do they find it? Are they really enthusiastic or merely highly expressive?

  • Do you want more harmony in your life?

  • Do you want to communicate more effectively?

  • Do you want to be more effective in your business or work?

To learn more about the Personal Style Indicator and how it will empower you to live and work on purpose, click here.

  • Self-Worth
    The way you see yourself, your experiences with your birth family and your peers, your job experiences, and your projected self all play a role in your self-worth.
    (Complete your Self-Worth Inventory here.)

It is perhaps true that strong self-worth will help you be more motivated and enthusiastic, but is that guaranteed?

  • Values
    When you live and work within your values statements, it should be easier for you to be motivated and enthusiastic. For example, if acknowledgement is an important value to you, it will be effortless for you to be enthusiastic at work when the boss acknowledges your good work! If creativity is important to you, it should be easy to be enthusiastic when you tackle a job that asks for your creative input.

Thus it is imperative to organize your life and work so they are in line with your personal values. A handy tool to help you with that process is the CRG Values Preference Indicator, available online or print.

  • Stress and Health
    Factors that play a role in your stress and health levels include personal stress (physical, physiological, behavioral), interpersonal stress, wellness (nutrition and the health-related aspects of exercise and leisure), time stress, and occupational stress. These all play a pivotal role in your ability to feel motivated and enthusiastic. It´s difficult to be upbeat when you are feeling under the weather!
  • Identify stress in five critical areas of YOUR life

  • Plan to overcome YOUR stressors

  • Prioritize YOUR tasks

  • Increase YOUR life and job satisfaction
To learn more about the Stress Indicator and Health Planner and how it will empower you to live and work on purpose, click here.

The above aspects do not completely capture what is needed to put a person on the road to personal enthusiasm.
We all are different. We all arrive at enthusiasm from different directions.

Our kids—two unique individuals from the same environment—are an excellent illustration of the way people use various routes to arrive at their own place of enthusiasm. The method may be different but, in the end, they both are motivated and enthusiastic individuals, making the best of their lives.

I have reached the conclusion that the secret is not found in just one method; it´s in the complete package. We must work on our personal style preferences, our self-worth, our values-fit, our stress, and our health. When those facets of ourselves are operating well together, our chances of success are much greater. While some of us may naturally be more enthusiastic, we must achieve balance in our lives to maintain it.

A great resource to help you with your journey is My Source EXPERIENCE JournalTM by Ken Keis. It´s a personal discovery process for those wanting to lead a passionate and fulfilling life—filled with enthusiasm. Try it today! You´ll be amazed.

What are you waiting for? You have work to do.

We all do.

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