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Ignorance is Not Bliss

You would ve had to be a hermit living in the backwoods not to have known what was happening in the recent Boston manhunt. All the news feeds, TV stations, and radio stations were tracking the events leading up to the capture of the second bombing suspect.

As I watched the reports, I saw that  professional reporters do much better with a teleprompter and script in front of them than they do on-the-fly. Some statements were almost laughable,  Do you think the suspect is desperate at this point? Do you think he is feeling trapped? You don t have to be a retired FBI field agent to answer that one.  We can t get close enough to see what s going on, but we heard some bangs and think they were flash/bangs or maybe gas or maybe shots?

If you don t know, why are you attempting to report it?

Leading up to the capture, they wanted so badly to say it was the bomber, but they kept adding caveats such as,  We don t want to get too far ahead of ourselves and say this is the bomber, but . . . 

Then, after the capture, the  expert feedback came ad nauseum as they tried to determine what was going on in the hospital room, what the young man was thinking or not thinking, what the special agents were doing, who else was behind the bombing, whether or not he had Miranda rights, and on and on and on. No real answers, just speculation. I got so tired of it.

I couldn t help but think about the way I interact with individuals and their reaction to other people, tasks, time, and situations. Every day, you and I deal with people. Sometimes we have the facts and sometimes we don t.

How often do we guess about how a person is reacting, without really knowing anything about that person s situation, personality, background, social teachers, or biological and biophysical characteristics and condition? Without that essential information, our judgment is uninformed.

This past week, my wife and I had the opportunity to assist a young woman to set up her new apartment. We were able to provide her with some furniture we weren t using.

She had been living on the street. When we arrived to drop off the items, we both commented that she had not come down to help us unload and move the furniture into her suite. To be honest, we profiled her as having no initiative saying that was likely one of the reasons she had been homeless.

As we came off the elevator, she met us, saying she had just had surgery and could not lift over 10 pounds.

I felt bad. She was so appreciative that my wife and I went back out and found her a kitchen table and chairs. It was a pleasure to assist her.

From the reporters in Boston and even in our meeting with the young lady, important lessons are to be learned.

  • Today, a lot of people like to hold themselves out as  experts when it comes to dealing with people but, like the reporters who don t have any solid information, they are simply speculating about what is wrong with the person. Before passing off advice, it is critical to have proven relevant resources to help us gather as many facts as possible.
  • The reporters were all about the big flash/bang and the sensationalism that went along with it. They were interested in the car chases through the city. Yet, at the end of the day, the big breakthrough came from a neighbor noticing a small ladder leaning up against a boat in a back yard that hadn t been there before.

The point is don t overlook small details. Trust your gut. When dealing with people, watch for small signs in their behavior that may lead to a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. You might be surprised at the outcome.

  • The final point is watch out for the verbal diarrhea that happens when you really don t know andare trying to make up facts as you go along. People are turned off by information of little value.

The true professionals are those  

  • who gather facts with specialized tools and resources before offering solid advice;
  • who learn to dig below the surface to get into the details of what is happening by knowing how to properly analyze the data and look for the little things; and
  • who offer advice only when they know they can positively add to the discussion.

So, how can you become totally professional when dealing with people?
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George Bernard Shaw said,  Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance.

Nothing could be truer when dealing with people s lives.

It is time to move from ignorance to truth.

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