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How To Enjoy Life to Its Fullest

Mental blocks. We all get them. In fact I have one right now as I am in the midst of determining the focus of this month's feature CAN article.

So how do you deal with mental blocks? I would love to know. Why not drop me a note at As a way of saying thanks, I will shoot off to you any replies I get.

I thought about going into detail about the various factors that go into the development of our personality.

  • Personal Style Preferences
  • Biophysical Influences
  • Self-Worth Levels
  • Environmental Systems
  • Social Teachers
  • Emotional Anchors

To be frank, that sounds boring I know it's not, but right now it appears that way to me. After all, we are past the Memorial Day Weekend in the US and the Victoria Day Weekend in Canada. Aren't the next few months supposed to be just about having "fun" as we coast through the lazy days of summer? I mean who wants to work June to August?

Maybe that is why my brain has a mental block. It has already set itself to Summer mode and the rest of me is just figuring that out now.

I think there is a bigger reason. For the last while, it seems I have been going 24/7 and dealing with some major issues.

  • Increased requests from clients and prospects that are taking more time than planned
  • Adding new relationships and components to business
  • Failure to get to the gym during the last few weeks
  • Failure to set some boundaries
  • Neglecting some time management in my life
  • Missing time to relax and recharge my energy levels
  • Missing time to just sit and listen
  • Needing to spend time with friends who have been going through significant loss
    • The unexpected death of a close friend and mentor
    • The loss of a custody and residency battle when it came to grandchildren

I have been trying to manage all those items equally, yet in the process my life has lost some of its balance. 

My good friend, Dave Stinson and his Stinson Personal Wellness Model, have some very helpful thoughts about balance.

When I think of balance, the idea of a teeter-totter comes to mind. When I sit on one end of it, with my grandson on the other, it is not balanced; I need the weight on his end to be leveraged to equal the weight on my end. The further from the fulcrum I sit, the more leverage I have. So balance on a teeter-otter requires moving only two weights.

Unfortunately, life is more complex than that. I need to balance my time, finances, work, relationships, and an awful lot more.

The question I need to answer is this.

What areas of my life deserve more focus than others?

Stinson proposes there are two factors we need to consider in answering that question.

First, we need to look at our purpose.

Purpose is about moving in an intentional direction in life. The reason people flounder is they don't know what their purpose is, so they choose the direction that seems the easiest at the time. There is no intentionality.

If you have not subscribed to Ken's Living On Purpose ezine, you need to so now. Subscribe here.

Many people miss out on achieving their purpose because they are doing too many good things, but not enough great things! Purpose is not just about the circumstances in which we find ourselves; it is a conscious choice plus determination plus discipline.

I get out of balance when I forget what my purpose is or when I expend my energy on things that are not leading me toward my purpose.

! So the question is, in what direction do you want to move and are you making the best choices to move you in that direction?

Prioritize the things that are best over the things that are good.

I am sure you have all hear of Jim Collins' book, Good to Great. Collins reminds us that "Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline."

Deciding where you want to move will help you focus your energy.

Second, we need to ask ourselves what we have been neglecting.

It is important that we balance our energy toward what is important without neglecting aspects of life that are vitally important to our ongoing wellness and well-being.

For example, over the next few months we are going to be hearing more and more about the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Some of you reading this may have in mind that you would like to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics or the 2016 Summer Olympics.

If you do, you will have some very specific athletic goals for yourself. You will eat will, exercise intentionally, and hone your skills. Yet at the same time, you cannot afford to neglect your finances. Money is not the primary focus but, without it, you won't be able to pursue your dream. Unfortunately, many promising athletes have to give up on their dream because the funding isn't there; that part of their equation falls short.

Stinson uses the illustration of an equalizer when it comes to balance. An equalizer allows a person to increase the presence of certain frequencies of sound to create a richer listening experience. Balance is similar in that at different times, specific aspects of life need more attention and focus than others. Balance is not simply experiencing every aspect of life at the same level; it is understanding how to adjust the time equalizer to enjoy life to its fullest.

We all face the challenge of balancing the necessities of life with goals that will move us in the direction we want to go. Here are three areas to consider to help you establish what you have been neglecting in your life.

  • Where you want to invest more time to move you closer to a goal?
  • What have you neglected and now need to address to live well?
  • What steps do you need to take to balance your life?

Those of you who have attended the CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop will be very aware of an exercise you through on Day 2 that rocks you to the core of your being and makes you examine why you are on this Planet Earth it definitely cuts through all the excess and makes you focus on what is best.

In fact, after you have been in the Workshop for the 3 days, I know you will have discovered how to get balance back into your life. You will know where you need to focus your attention and place your priorities and not just as they relate to  your business.

If you have never attended the Workshop or if it has been a while since you last attended, why not make a commitment right now to be at the next training?!

I started out complaining about having a mental block. What you don't know is that from the time I started to write this piece to this moment, as I am finishing it, I took a nice break to hit the gym for an hour, then enjoy a cup of Starbucks. Just the dark roast, no room those who drink it will understand the "no room" comment.

Instead of trying to force something, I did what was needed and found some balance in my day.

So what have you been neglecting in your life that you need to restore starting now?


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