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Your Clock is Ticking
by Nico Human

She was a great lady.

We became friends working together on Rotary service projects.

High energy and a sharp mind combined to form an incredible person. She was practical. She was creative. She cared about people.

She also was a successful businesswoman. Her mantra to her sales team was, "Well, well, well; let´s sell, sell, sell!" Her enthusiasm seemed boundless. People were naturally drawn to her.

When she had the opportunity to retire, she simply poured herself more into her community work. She looked forward to many years of plowing back what she had learned.

That did not last long. A scant 2 years later, we were at her funeral. Her cancer had come back with a vengeance and cut short all that promise, all that activity.

As I was sitting in the church service for my friend, I asked myself what the lesson was in all of this. What does really matter? What does a successful life look like? What does it all come to in the end?

You may have heard of Randy Pausch and the courageous trail he is blazing since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With 6 months of good health left, he is dedicating his last days to live with a full and glad heart. He is focused on family and creating lasting memories for his young children. (You can watch his "Last Lecture" by clicking here.)

Is this what success looks like? Is this what a person is supposed to do with what is left of his or her life?

We all may go tomorrow.

What are we supposed to do today?

From my vantage point of working at a place like CRG with, at my fingertips, tools refined over decades by very knowledgeable people, I asked myself what can I do with what we have here? How should I plan the rest of my days in this realm?

I´ve left a clue of my thinking in the central part of the Whole Person Brochure. Because it represents the heart of the whole person, the clock face can be an excellent tool to point you in the right direction—to help place you on your path to success in your business life and in your personal journey.

  • Start at 12 o´clock.
    Personal relationships are key in life. They come first. You need to improve relationships, build trust, improve communication and, all in all, build teams (be they family, friends, or work colleagues). This step alone may be an entire life´s quest. A tool that will help you with this process is the Personal Style Indicator.

  • 1 o´clock
    This takes you to the Values Preference Indicator. You need to live up to your own values, to be able to make the right choices with confidence.

  • 2 o´clock
    Find the Self-Worth Inventory. A healthy sense of self-worth enriches your life, increases your self-confidence, helps you improve your success, and most important, will make you feel worthy of contributing. It is a fact of life that your happiness levels increase significantly when you start to contribute.

  • 3 o´clock
    To be physically on purpose on this planet, you must manage your body optimally. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner will assist you to put together your own plan to get you on the path to success.

  • 4 o´clock
    We sell every day, even though most people believe they cannot sell. We sell ourselves to our fellow man. We sell ourselves to our clients, our colleagues, even our kids—the toughest sell is to teenagers! We sell our ideas. We can build rapport and trust by using the Sales Style Indicator.

The journey continues around the clock face to help entrepreneurs, people in the job market, learners and instructors, the leaders, and team-builders find their purpose.

A great tool to bring it all together is My Source EXPERIENCE Journal. It will help you find your own purpose—and live your life to the fullest.

Your source wheel will be your roadmap for aspects such as your self, your family, relatives, friends, your learning, spiritual focus, public policy, social life, recreation, physical health, finances, and your community service.

When your life´s clock has run its course, you want to be able to look back on a full life.

Life is short and unpredictable.

The time to act is NOW!

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