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Learning to Be a More Successful Me—and You!

Someone once asked me, “How do you eat an elephant?”

The answer? A little bit at a time.

Over the past few weeks, I have been challenged by some great new projects I have taken on.

Years ago, I discovered I am the type of person who usually leaps first, then discovers the pool is empty! When someone would approach me with a business opportunity, I would look at it, see the upside—not so much the downside, and say something like, “Well, if I don’t go all in, I won’t go in at all!”

Unfortunately, I would often bite off more than I could chew and the project would fail.

By nature, I am overly optimistic. I have been created to see the positive side of the equation—the people, the situation, and how much time I think I have to complete everything. When presented with a business idea, I can see all the reasons why it will work and why I am the best person to run with it.

Why do I think that?

Simple. My Personal Style allows me to be unusually flexible in dealing with the needs of a wide range of clients. Many consultants like to work with the same type of client over and over again within the same industry; they have defined their niche market and it works great for them.

I prefer variety. That is why right now, I have clients from many different arenas.

  • Fleet maintenance
  • Online learning company
  • Music festival
  • Above-ground storage tanks
  • Trucking
  • B&B
  • Promotional products
  • Manufacturing

They are similar in that they are small-to-midsize companies in a start-up or transition phase, seeking direction as to

  • how they are going to get to where they want to be,
  • the people they need to help them get there, and
  • the connections needed to the resources to make it happen.

I enjoy helping them achieve the maximum impact in their industry, encouraging individuals to work together as a team, and convincing others of the merits and values of my clients’ ideas, services, or products so they will invest in my clients.

  • Through all this, my major concern is to develop and maintain high-quality relationships with my clients while securing positive results.
  • My biggest challenges are making sure I pay sufficient attention to the details, costs, and the passage of time and that I remain focused for a long enough period to get the results I am seeking.

Remember I said I have a tendency to jump into the pool? Well, I have become better at learning to think through the probable consequences of an action before starting it, rather than just trying it and then doing an evaluation.

What does a person like me do to ensure I don’t overcommit and that I remain realistic in what can and cannot be done?

How can I make sure I don’t get indigestion from eating too much elephant?

Here are 10 things I can do.

  1. Have consistent focus on the goals I wish to achieve.
  2. Increase my toughness to be sure everyone performs according to the game plan.
  3. Learn how to manage time more effectively.
  4. Set priorities each day.
  5. Be prompt for appointments.
  6. Leave enough time between appointments.
  7. Learn to think more strategically.
  8. Be a focused interviewer and listener.
  9. Develop a systematic follow-through system.
  10. Recognize that criticism and feedback are not the same as personal rejection.

The Good News? All the above points can be learned, practiced, and mastered. In fact, some of you may already do all those things naturally. You don’t even have to think about it or practice; it just happens. I am jealous!

But, as you read this, you may be wishing you were more flexible in dealing with different types of people. You would be . . . if you knew all about your own Personal Style and how to easily recognize the Personal Styles of others.

The Even Better News . . .

At CRG Consulting Resource Group, all the materials, training, and certification programs are designed to help you understand and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. If you haven’t been to a CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop, please plan to attend. Click here to register now.

If that doesn’t work for you right now, I suggest you invest in CRG’s suite of style tools so you can become even better at understanding how to handle people, time, tasks, and situations.

Go ahead.

What are you waiting for?

Take that first bite. Now!

Learn how to maximize your training efficiencies and effectiveness through the CRG Assessment System Certification program and the proven CRG tools.
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