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The Wounded Helper


Don't do another thing until you have read this article.

It's not because I think I'm some tremendous writer, although I do hope you find this monthly editorial helpful. Rather, it's because many of you spend each day living in fear of tomorrow. You live in fear of losing your business, your home, your family, or maybe even your life.

For some of you, I know things are not as easy out there as they once were.

My message to you today is don't give up. Hang in there—and do what you know needs to be done to survive and create the life you truly deserve.

My wife and I recently saw The Help. Marg saw it when it first came out and loved it. She said the theater was full of women and only a few men. That made sense because the trailers made it look like the typical chick-flick.

Marg thought I would enjoy it but warned I likely would be one of the only guys there. We also thought that theater wouldn't be that full because the movie had been out for some time.

We were wrong on both counts. The theater was at least three quarters filled, with a balanced mix of men and women. It wasn't just another chick-flick; it had a deeper message.

Why am I writing this? What does this have to do with business? What does it have to do with helping entrepreneurs or individuals gain more freedom in their lives?

It has everything to do with success in life and business. The Help is a story of courage against all odds. It's about making up your mind that you are going to carry through with your dream, regardless of what others say, think, or maybe even do.

This is a story about believing you can make a difference . . . a story about hope at a time where there is much hopelessness.

Today, you may be about to give up or quit because the economy is too tough. Perhaps you are thinking you can't make a difference'there are too many voices against you. What can one person do?

I am here to tell you the world needs you. The world needs to hear your story. The world needs your product, your service, your voice.

No matter how much you are struggling—and no matter how frustrated you might be in your business, just remember that somewhere out in the great, big world, there are dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people who are suffering a great deal more than you are because you haven't put your solution into their hands.

Remember to keep fighting, to keep working, and to keep going. The world needs more of you. Don't let your struggles hold you down.

When the outside world seems to be crumbling, that is the best time for you to become more familiar with the complexities of your life. If you can turn around and put words to the workings of your inner life and what you are experiencing right now—and avoid "the victim mentality," you will be able to slowly and consistently remove the obstacles that are keeping you back and others back, too.

Only the person who is able to articulate his own experience can offer himself to others as a source of clarification.

A true leader is, first of all, willing to put her personal knowledge at the disposal of those asking for help.

The person willing to put his own faith and doubt, his own hope and despair, his own light and darkness at the disposal of others will be able to help others find a way through their confusion to touch the pure, strong core of life.

Such a person will hear others say, "You say what I expected; you express what I vaguely felt; you bring to the fore what I fearfully kept in the back of my mind. Yes, you say who we are; you recognize our condition . . ."

The first and most basic task of a coach, counselor, and leader in the future will be to lead people out of the land of confusion into the land of hope. Therefore, he must first have the courage to be an explorer of the new territory in which he finds himself and to express his discoveries as a service to a frightened generation.

That is what the women in The Help did. They clearly articulated what everyone else was feeling and what everyone else was afraid of. As a result of their willingness to share their hurt, embarrassment, and fears, they helped change a world.

There is an incredible song in the movie, Living Proof, sung by Mary J. Blige.

Listen to it, then go out and be the help you have been created to be.

Play The Living Proof.

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