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Orientation of New Workers

Today, I received an unpleasant email from a new hire in our company. The person was so new, she wasn’t even starting with us until later this week.

Her message was simple and to the point: “Seems the job market is picking up. I have received a better offer from someone else since we last spoke so I won’t be starting with you.”

On one hand, I went “ouch,” but on the other, I thought Isn’t it great that the market is improving?!

Maybe you are the person who offered my new hire better pay and that is great, but what are your plans for that person once she starts?

Whether or not you plan it to happen, every person the new employee meets when she first comes to the job will give her some impression or information about your place of business.

  • Are there things you want her to know?
  • Are there rules you expect her to follow?

Of course there are.

Do you think she wants to know those things?

And when, where, and how can she collect her pay?

What about acceptable work wear . . . is there a dress code?

Now, where do you want the new individual to get the information?

  • From you, who will give it to her straight—or do you want to leave her education to chance remarks from some worker who, while having been there longer, may not have all the facts straight?

An orientation plan is the simple way to provide the new person with information he needs to learn, when he needs to know it.

Dr. John Sullivan, head of the Human Resources Management Program at San Francisco State University, concludes that several elements contribute to a world class new-employee orientation program.

The best new employee orientation

  • has targeted goals and meets them;
  • makes the first day a celebration;
  • involves family as well as co-workers;     
  • makes new hires productive on the first day;
  • is not boring, rushed, or ineffective; and
  • uses feedback to continuously improve.

In fact, you will find many helpful ideas in Dr. Sullivan’s article online, “A Manager’s Guide to Employee Orientation.”

If you are looking for a checklist, Microsoft Office offers a template that can be downloaded at New Employee Orientation Checklist.

CRG’s proven assessments help ensure an employee’s first days are even better when there’s a good fit between the person and the position. Before moving anyone into a new position, take the time to understand the job by completing the Job Style Indicator and comparing the individual’s Personal Style Indicator scores to the requirements the Job Style Indicator reveals. You can quickly determine whether you have the right fit.

To find out more about those two CRG assessments and the full holistic suite of CRG solutions, please visit us online at

Yours truly,

Neal Diamond

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