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What Training Is Needed In Your Organization?

If you are a coach, consultant, or trainer in British Columbia, you are probably aware of a government program that provides small businesses an opportunity to apply for a $5000 training grant.
A number of "trainers" have been calling to ask me to promote their training to my clients. Many of these people are simply jumping on the bandwagon to push their training programs on unsuspecting businessowners. I say unsuspecting because those trainers are more concerned about getting their hands on the $5000 grant than on ensuring their training will be in the best interests of those companies.

I believe ongoing training should be an everyday part of producing work of any kind.

A training program is management's organized attention to the daily problems related to introduction, instruction, and coaching of individual workers and supervisors.

  • Your job as a trainer, consultant, or coach is to ensure your client has the knowledge, tools, and skills that will enable him to make the most effective use of the resources under his control.
  • Your role includes helping your client meet his responsibilities to the various stakeholders.
The business of each of your clients is different, even if the finished product or service is the same as another company. From a production point of view, internal factors—that no other companies are experiencing—control the effectiveness of that company.

  What are the true training needs of your clients?

  1. Is your client's business the same as it was in 2000?
  2. Was he even in business 10 years ago?
  3. Is he offering the same product or service as he did in the '90s?
  4. Does he have the same management team, supervisors, and employees as he did 2 years ago?

I doubt many businesses can say "yes" to all the above points. They likely have new jobs, new equipment, and new people.

  1. Identifying Training Needs

Each company has training problems of its own. The product it manufactures, the service it offers, the materials and machinery it uses, and the men and women who turn out the product all combine to make the situation unique for each of your clients. Your role isn’t to introduce some cookie-cutter training program to a business; your job is to look closely at your client's special needs.

  1. Planning a Program
  2. First, you must spot the specific needs that need attention now.
    Training is planned by deciding

    • the content,
    • who will be trained,
    • who will do the training, and
    • when, how, and where the training will be carried out.
No training can be done unless the training plan is sold to management and gets support not only from the top, but all the way down through the company.

And you need to ensure all training is checked for results.
  Here’s the other thing: No single training program stands alone.
  • Before you start one training program for a group of supervisors,
  • then move on to something entirely different for the mechanics,
  • followed by a third training program arranged with the local college for your other staff members,
please consider the effects that those isolated training segments will have on each other—The Big Picture.

Does that mean every training program must be customized for every customer?

Of course not. Certain common needs are found in every company. As a consultant, coach, or trainer, you need to use those common needs as your foundation, then tweak your training to meet the specific needs of your client.

The Advantage of CRG Resources for Your Clients
CRG’s learning resources have been designed to be integrated throughout a company. You can be working with administrators, then move on to the sales team, then to the ownership team, using a suite of CRG tools that are unique to those groups—and that provide a common language across the company when it comes to understanding how best to interact with one another.

Contact the CRG office to learn how to become certified through the CRG Assessment Systems Certification Workshop.

Yours truly,

Neal Diamond

Learn how to maximize your training efficiencies and effectiveness through the CRG Assessment System Certification program and the proven CRG tools.
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