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How to Set Up the New Hire
for Success
Part 2

Last month we began to look at how you can ensure that the new person you are hiring has the best chance of success—right from the start.

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How to Set Up the New Hire for Success, Part 1

Now that you have prepared the workplace for the worker,
what's next?

I remember my first job out of university. I was hired as the Internal Auditor for a credit union. They basically just put me in an office—and that was the extent of my training. I was on my own to determine what needed to be done. It certainly made for some interesting first weeks.

I know I made some mistakes. In fact, I clearly recall being summoned to the General Manager's office about a letter I had sent to one of the credit union's customers. It was not a pleasant conversation; the letter had put the credit union in a questionable light with the customer.

As mentioned last month, I hope to get at least 4 things from new employees—and I'm sure you want the same.

So now the new employee has punched in.
What can you do to ensure that he (or she) succeeds?

  1. Prepare him to receive the necessary instruction.
    • Put him at ease. This is a new situation. He probably hasn’t slept much in anticipation of this day. If he feels embarrassed or scared, chances are he won’t be able to think straight.
    • Find out what he already knows about the job. Don’t tell him things he already knows. Start where his knowledge ends.
    • Get him interested in learning about the job on day one. Relate how his job fits into the final production of the operation so he knows his work is important.

  2. Present the overall operation to him.
    • At this point, show and tell him one IMPORTANT step at a time. Remember to be patient. Don’t try to rush through this critical step. Get accuracy in the position now—and speed later.
    • Clearly stress the key points . . . the steps that will make or break the operation—and maybe make or break him.
    • Instruct clearly, completely, and patiently, in segments he can reasonably master at one time. Remember: Even you and I cannot handle more than 6 to 8 new ideas at one time and really understand them.

  3. Try out his performance.
    • Have him start to do the job and correct any errors he makes. Don’t yell at him or in any way indicate that he is dumb. Trust me; I have seen that happen more than once.
    • Have him explain to you the key points as he does the work. A lot of us find it easy to observe motions but not really understand what is going on. You want him to understand.
    • Continue until you know he knows. He may have to do the job half a dozen times, but that is OK. He is learning.

  4. Follow up.
    • Now he is on his own. Make sure he knows who his go-to person is—if it isn’t you—when he needs help. The wrong person might end up steering him in the wrong direction.
    • He must get the feel of the job by doing it himself.
    • Check his work frequently, perhaps every few minutes at first, to every few hours, then every few days later on. When checking his progress, watch for any incorrect or unnecessary moves. This is NOT about your taking over the job too soon or too often.
    • Slowly taper off the extra coaching and closely follow up until he is able to do the work under normal supervision.

Use the above plan. I know you will be amazed that such greatly improved results can come from such a simple plan.

Use it any time

Remember: If the worker hasn’t learned, the instructor hasn’t taught.

Yours truly,

Neal Diamond

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