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How I Annihilated My Bad Boss
Confessions of an Ordinary Worker

by Nico Human

Most of us have had bad bosses in our day, but this guy was an extreme example.

In the interview process, he was a real charmer, probably sensing he could use my eagerness to further his career. Once I had signed our agreement, he started to show his true colors.

His deadlines were ridiculous! He was a real slave driverand a perfectionist. As long as I hung on his every word and produced at a feverish level, he was happy . . . for the moment.

When it was time to go home to the family after a full and busy day, he would come into the office, wanting to enter into seemingly endless business discussions in minute detail. He would keep not just me but the rest of the staff late, to listen to his plans.

It was all about him.


I could have run away and found another job, but that would have meant he had won.

I could have tried to change me and the way that I work, but I knew deep down inside that that would make me unhappy. It would show in my work results. It would mar my career.

There was just one way out: I had to annihilate him!

First, I needed a plan. When in a difficult position, it’s always best to start on your own doorstep . . . to understand yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses—and what makes you tick.

So I completed my own Personal Style Indicator (PSI). In less than an hour, I learned about the four personal style dimensions (Behavioral, Cognitive, Interpersonal and Affective), my personal preferences, and how I typically respond in various circumstances. That armed me with valuable information.

Next, I convinced my key colleagues to do their own PSIs. The younger ones preferred to do theirs online. The boss did his on hard copy. (I quite easily sold him on the benefits our department would enjoy after we had shared our scores and implemented personal style as a management tool.)

Communication among the key colleagues became more effective. Relationships improved. We started functioning more as a team. Trust, once an issue, became something we started to expect from each other.

With the boss’s PSI scores in hand, we could go to the next step in what had now become our plan to off our bad boss.

We started to shift our styles when dealing with him. We used the guidelines given in the PSI; we systematically started to approach him in the way that would give us the best chance at success. Because we had learned he was high in B (Behavioral) and C (Cognitive), we started to help him become less the independent, distrusting odd-man-outand more part of the team.   

Gradually, he changed.

Not only did he become easier to work with, his bad habits were disappearing. Because he had access to all our PSI scores, he also made the effort to work with us in our individual style patterns.

That made all the difference.

Slowly the team accepted him. We realized he wasn’t that bad after all!

We had killed our bad boss!

The new guy was much easier to work with.

But wait, there’s more. He doesn’t know it yet, but I am planning to get him to assess his values (with the Values Preference Indicator) and perhaps also his self-worth (through the Self-Worth Inventory). The more we know about him, the better we will be able to work together in future.

We may even grow to like the guy!

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