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Teach a Man to Fish

By Carol Carter

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for life.

Chinese Proverb

I'm a huge fan of the "Pay It Forward" concept. Yes, I have been called a Pollyanna—my results on the Personal Style Indicator back that up—but I don't believe I have my head in the sand. No matter who we are, how we're wired, or what we do for a living, each of us in our own way can effect real change in the world.

How can one person change the world?

It's simple.

You can't change people, but you CAN empower them to improve their own lives, and equip them to reach out and help others.

Just a simple shift in perception and approach can make a huge difference in a relationship, affect an entire team, influence the culture of an organization, make an impact on a community, awaken a nation, and help spread change throughout the world.

You don't believe me?

Believe history.

Throughout the ages, people on purpose did not take the easy road. Dogged and determined, they faithfully pursued what they believed to be important—not just for them, but for humankind.

Can you imagine our world today if . . .

The truth is all change starts with one person willing to act on an idea.

Lasting change happens when that action strikes a chord with people who are ready and willing to get involved. Mentoring starts, methods spark to life, word-of-mouth spreads, people are inspired, and the course of history is changed.

Never underestimate the ripple effect of your perceptions and actions. You may not discover a medical cure, start a reformation, invent a new method of transportation, or save countless people from starvation, but you may help change a life that helps change other lives that help change more lives.

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