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Affiliate "How To" #5

What Type of Learning Center is Best for YOU?

Before we get into this month's topic, some of you have asked if we have a special package deal for our tools.


Ken Keis, Our Fearless Leader, has agreed to a limited-time offer of 10%off (before your 10% Affiliate rebate) from each of these packages.

My Source Package is designed to help you achieve these results.

  • Break free from fears and doubts that freeze you.
  • Transform a career that is killing your joy.
  • Suspend your knee-jerk reactions that are ruining your credibility.
  • Live your passions and values in ALL areas of your life.
  • Stop chasing every time-wasting trend. Instead, follow your focus.
  • Make the RIGHT decisions every time.
  • Be 100% effective and respected at work.
  • Be authentic and on purpose in your personal life and relationships.
  • Become the person YOU are perfectly designed to be.

My Source Package is ideal for anyone going through a life or career transition! It contains excellent material for retreat groups as well as individuals!

  • With recent job losses, people are looking for clues about where to go from here.

  • Baby Boomers are moving toward retirement. What will they do with all their new-found time?

  • I have worked through My Source EXPERIENCE Journal, applying the assessments included with it—and I plan to repeat that process after my children leave home.

My Source Package includes the following.

You will receive

  • 10%off the purchase price (for a limited time), and
  • your 10% Affiliate rebate on the amount of your purchase! (Track your rebates and commissions on the Partners page under "My Commission Status.")

So, when you include your rebate, you are getting close to 20%off! But you do need to act quickly.

I have permission to offer this special ONLY until the next CAN goes out—March 25!

To get your special offer NOW . . .

  1. choose your My Source Package (Business or Personal, Print-Based or Online);
  2. go to the checkout area on the Website; and
  3. enter the coupon code that corresponds to the My Source Package you wish to purchase

    • Print-Based My Source Business Package, enter code MSPBE
    • Print-Based My Source Personal Package, enter code MSPPE
    • Online My Source Buisness Package, enter code OMSPPE
    • Online My Source Personal Package, enter code OMSPBE

If you would like help in deciding which package is right for YOU or calculating your special discount, please email me (Carol) or call 604 852-0566.

Oh! By the way, if you have ideas for other packaged sets of materials that would be helpful to your work or the groups you assist, please contact me!

This Month's "How To"

So far in the CAN (CRG Affiliate News), we've shown you "How To"

  1. Create Your Affiliate Links to place in emails or on a Website or blog;
  2. Track Income and Referrals from the CRG Affiliate Program;
  3. Show YOUR Branding when Your Referrals Land on Our Website;and
  4. Find What You Need.

Now, let's talk about the specific benefits of the three types of Learning Centers.

First, decide what you want to do with the CRG resources.

____ 1. This is for my personal use only.
____ 2. I want to share my results with other people.
____ 3. I want to share my results with a specific group and view their results.
____ 4. I want to use this system in a company or group where certain people have viewing rights to specific people's results.
____ 5. I want to send assessments to other people and be able to view their results easily without waiting for them to email me.

Individual Learning Center (ILC)
(Works for 1, 2, and sometimes 3 above)

If you are simply using this Website for your own personal results, your Individual Learning Center allows you to

  • permanently store all assessments you complete;
  • give assessments to others to create their own Individual Learning Centers;
  • arrange for others to complete 360° reports on you (coming soon);
  • do a 360° assessment on someone else (coming soon);
  • create one free Group Learning Center. You can create additional Group Learning Centers for a small monthly fee.

Group Learning Center (GLC)
(Works for 2 and 3 above)

Let's say you want a group of people to take the same assessments and share their results with you or the entire group. In a Group Learning Center, you can choose one of the following options.

  • Only the leader can see the results of the assessments and interact with the group.
  • All members can interact with each other within the group.

There are more features to come! We will continue to improve and expand the GLC capabilities throughout 2009!

Corporate Learning Center (CLC)
(Works for 3, 4, 5 above)

The CLC is ideal for the following people.

  • Businesses, to create a development and team-building plan for employees
  • Corporations with many offices and locations, to position the right people in the right responsibilities
  • Coaches or counselors, to manage clients and assessments easily and efficiently
  • Job placement agencies, to identify the needs of certain positions within companies, then quickly select the applicants who will be most successful and happy in those positions
  • Organizations, to delegate levels of viewing rights and assessment-management responsibilities to individuals within their group

You can now perform 360° evaluations in this section!

We are hard at work developing more reporting options and features to add throughout 2009!

The fee for the CLC is based on the number of users you wish to register. You may add and delete users, as needed.

Save 2 months off the monthly rate
when you purchase an annual subscription
to the Corporate Learning Center.

For more information about all the unique features and benefits of the CLC and decide if it is right for you, email Eleanor or call 604 852-0566.

Want to know more about a specific feature on our Website or in our assessments? Click here to email me (Carol)!

Have a fully engaged and on purpose month!
Watch for the next CAN on March 25!

Important Reminders for Affiliates . . .

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  2. Opting out, refusing, or blocking this communication will result in the termination of the Affiliate Agreement and the forfeiture of any pending Affiliate fees. As a non-Affiliate or a customer of CRG, you may continue to use the CRG site and its resources, without the Affiliate benefits.

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