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Affiliate "How To" #4

Find What You Need!

So far in the CAN (CRG Affiliate News), we’ve shown you “How To”

  1. create Your Affiliate Links to place in emails or on a Website or blog, and
  2. track Income and Referrals from the CRG Affiliate Program, and
  3. show YOUR Branding when Your Referrals Land on Our Website

Today you'll learn what treasures and nuggets are on our Website and how to find them.

Special Opportunity

Are you a

  • coach,
  • trainer,
  • HR professional,
  • educator,
  • counselor,
  • facilitator, or
  • speaker.

If that is not you, skip down to What You Can Find on the CRG Website.

Now, back to the opportunity . . .

Have you found CRG’s assessments dead-on accurate and helpful for you?
Are you considering using them in the human development work you do?

If you answered “Yes,” I am here to help you. I will personally work with you to integrate one or several of CRG’s assessments into your programs, your workshops, or your “tool kit.”

What does this cost you?

Nothing but a little of your time and whatever CRG tools you choose.

Why will I do this?

I work in a company that knows the value of relationships. CRG’s tools have been used in 22 countries on 5 continents in 9 languages, by almost 2 million people worldwide because of people like YOU.

If you are ready to engage our materials in your work,
we want to work with you.

On top of my help and the support of the rest of the CRG crew, we have a special program offered ONLY 3 times per year.

This program is for professionals who want to

  • bypass the learning curve,
  • fast track with our tools and resources,
  • have all the materials they need to create their own programs, and
  • use or talk about our tools with full credibility and expertise.

If this is you, read more about our Train-The-Trainer, including our no risk, full money-back guarantee.

In fact, if you’re ready to launch or refresh your program NOW, I have a few seats left for February 19 to 21!

These 3 intense, value-packed, and transforming days of learning, self-development, and practice

  • include $1200.00 retail of the CRG materials,
  • provide everything you need to put your own programs together using our tools,
  • get you up and running with the CRG tools immediately!
  • show you the ready-made programs you can use to get going right now,  
  • distinguish CRG tools from any other assessments on the market,
  • connect you to peers in similar fields of work from around the world,
  • help us get to know each other to create a better ongoing working relationship.

Those who qualify for our Licensed Associate program (no additional charge) will enjoy discounts on purchases, higher Affiliate referral fees, greater commissions for referring others to our Train-The-Trainer, and a range of other benefits.

CRG is NOT a training company.

We provide the TTT to equip you with all you need to make the best use of the CRG resources in the context of your own purpose.

We also help you explore your purpose during the training . . . not only do you gain expertise in a set of resources you can use; you receive coaching from fellow professionals to help nurture and develop YOUR business model.

Let’s talk about the work you do, your goals, the results your clients want, and how I can support you.

You can call me in Canada at 604-852-0566, toll free in North America at 1-866-852-4347, or email me.

What You Can Find on the CRG Website

Until you’ve explored our site, you may not know exactly what’s available to you. Here’s a quick “How To,” to find what you need.

Enter in your Web browser. Across the top section of our home page, you will see the following categories on the horizontal menu.

  • Home (you are here now)
  • Discover CRG’s mission and vision, how the company came to be, who’s on the CRG team and how each of us can help you, upcoming events and appearances, and how to get in touch with us.

  • Assessments and Solutions
  • Get detailed information on all CRG’s tools, resources, and training in simple, easy-to-navigate categories. From here, you can do a search on the site or place items in your shopping cart.

    For a quick overview of the various assessments CRG offers, place your cursor over Online Resources in the left menu. Our online assessments include your In-Depth Interpretations right in the reports. You’ll notice they are listed in Print-Based Resources as separate tools from the assessments.          

  • Partners (Associate and Affiliate area covered in “How To” #1, #2, and #3).
  • Track your order and commissions history here; review your referrals; generate your affiliate links; upload your logo to appear on our Website when your referrals click to us through your Affiliate links; upload a logo to appear on the cover page of online assessments you transfer to others; find out more about your Affiliate relationship or about our Train-The-Trainer program; and how and why to become a  Licensed Associate.

  • Resource Center  
  • Access video and audio interviews, testimonials, previous ezines, information on the CRG Affiliate and Associate relationships, overviews of the three learning-center options, and frequently asked questions. This is where you gain a better overall sense of who CRG is and why people want to use our tools and resources.

  • Learning Center  
  • View, transfer, or share results of assessments you’ve completed, along with notes you’ve added to your reports. Assessments you purchase will wait here for completion or easy transfer to others to complete. You can edit your account information and set up and manage groups.  

  • Store
  • Know exactly what you want? Skip the descriptions and go straight to the Store to make your purchases quickly.  

  • Contact Us
  • Our mailing address, phone, fax and email are here, along with similar information to our Home page.

CRG Train-The-Trainer

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February 19-21, 2009 in
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