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Affiliate "How To" #3

Show YOUR Branding when Your Referrals
Land on Our Website

So far in the CAN (CRG Affiliate News), we’ve shown you “How To”

  1. create Your Affiliate Links to place in emails or on a Website or blog, and
  2. track Income and Referrals from the CRG Affiliate Program.

This month, we’ll focus on one last feature in the “Partners” area of the Website.


Picture this . . .

  1. Create a jpg, png, or gif header image that is 440 pixels wide x 90 pixels high or at least the same width-to-height ratio Note: If your dimensions are different, the image may be distorted.
  2. Login to your Online account.
  3. Click “Partners” from the menu bar across the top of the page.
  4. Click “My Co-Branding Images” from the “Links Information” area.
  5. Beside “Please select a new header image file to replace the current one (440x90 pixels),”click “Browse” and locate your header image on your computer. Click “Open” in the browsing window when you’ve selected the correct file. That file path will appear beside “Browse” on the “Co-Branding Image and Logo” page.
  6. Scroll down the page to “URL(optional)” and enter your Website or blogsite address in the space provided.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save.”


If you are a coach, trainer, or counselor or you are using these assessments within your company or organization, we can co-brand all the Online assessments you purchase.
YOUR image and the CRG image will be visible in the front-right area of the cover of each assessment!

Steps to Co-Branding . . .

  1. You create a jpg, png or gif logo image 180 pixels wide x 90 pixels high—or at least the same width-to-height ratio, so your image does not become distorted during the process. Consider including your contact numbers, Website URL, and email address. The person completing the assessment may refer back to it and wish to connect with you!
  2. While logged into your Online account, click “Partners” from the top menu.
  3. Click “My Co-Branding Images” from the “Links Information” area.
  4. Beside “Please select a new logo image file to replace the current one (180 x 90 pixels),” click “Browse” and locate your logo image on your computer.
  5. When you’ve selected the correct file, click “Open” in the browsing window. That file path will appear beside “Browse” on the “Co-Branding Image and Logo” page.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save.”

We consider you our Affiliate Partner in the field and we continue to create more ways for you to get the most out of our relationship. Make CRG’s Co-Branding tools, Partner Links, and Affiliate Program work for you! If you encounter any difficulties, please notify our technical department immediately.

Happy Co-Branding!

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CRG’s Licensed Associate program is for professionals in the business of helping people grow personally and in their careers. To qualify, you must attend our 3-Day Train-The-Trainer session.

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The next Train-The-Trainer session is February 19 to 21, 2009, Vancouver, BC.

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Important Reminders for Affiliates . . .

  1. You may not unsubscribe from CAN, this Affiliate newsletter. As part of the CRG Affiliate Agreement, you have agreed to accept communications from CRG in any form because they pertain to the Affiliate relationship.
  1. Opting out, refusing, or blocking this communication will result in the termination of the Affiliate Agreement and the forfeiture of any pending Affiliate fees. As a non-Affiliate or a customer of CRG, you may continue to use the CRG site and its resources, without the Affiliate benefits.

CRG Train-The-Trainer

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