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Uncertain About Your Future?

Affiliate “How To” Special Report:
How To Recession Proof and Prepare for the Next Wave

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Quoted from Franklin D. Rooselvelt’s first inaugural address, 1933

Numbers Don’t Lie …

Have you seen the workforce and birthrate statistics over the past 40 years?

We're in for a job-seeker's market, as soon as the current financial panic subsides. Companies wishing to emerge as employers of choice must be innovative, forward-thinking, focused, honest, and credible. They will be customer-service-centered and retain solid, inventive, empowered, and loyal staff.

When the current market turns, companies that

      • panic,
      • reduce staff,
      • heap overwhelming duties on those who remain,
      • reduce service levels,
      • undermine their own credibility, and
      • recoil into survival mode

will not fare well.

Competent staff members who have held their positions—and their integrity—in those companies will seek more dependable leadership, at the first opportunity.

The Next Wave is Coming!

We’ve heard it. We’ve experienced a taste of it. Soon we will see it full-on.

      • Life expectancy has increased and the birthrate has declined steadily since 1966, in the G8 countries.
      • Our aging workforce has not re-populated enough to sustain current workloads.
      • From the year 2010 onward, we will see a steady stream of retiring Baby Boomers. They will be replaced with . . . whom?

The relatively smaller pool of Generation X workers has clawed its way through life in the shadow of Baby Boomers, who took all the good jobs. While bouncing between companies, Xers have acquired a range of skills and adaptability to gain pay increases that "You're lucky to have a job" employers refused to offer. This generation of workers wants better pay, better benefits, and more work/life balance. Because they've been burned by empty promises since they entered the workforce, they're more likely to follow a respected leader than remain loyal to a particular company. They know life offers no guarantees and will make career moves accordingly.

The even smaller pool of Generation Ys (Millennials)—based on extensive research and interviews conducted by Dr. Linda Duxbury of Carleton University—have seen their parents become "boiled frogs," working insane hours and giving heart and soul to companies, only to be downsized and treated badly through the recessions of the past 2 decades. Millennials say, "Not me!" They will not accept long hours and low pay. They want to be mentored and treated fairly and will be loyal to their peers as opposed to any company or supervisor. If companies violate what Generation Ys deem fair, they will leave without hesitation . . . and tell 500 of their closest Facebook friends.

Immigrant workers are arriving to fill the widening gap in our labor force, but language barriers and unfriendly licensing regulations prevent them from practicing their professions in our workforce.

Just around the corner from this present economic downturn is a serious lack of skilled labor to fill the growing demand.

If ever you were looking to reinvent your future, the time to prepare is NOW!

CRG tools give away psychology to benefit the learner.
Our assessments help you know yourself and others. They help increase your effectiveness and prompt you to create a self-directed plan of action to improve your life and career.

      • Take stock of your past accomplishments.
      • List all the employable and transferable skills you have acquired.
      • Know what you have to offer, what you enjoy doing, and what you do NOT enjoy doing!
      • Purposefully plan for a future that is successful . . . on YOUR terms!

A great way to do this is through My Source EXPERIENCE Journal by Ken Keis, MBA. 

The My Source Package contains the My Source EXPERIENCE Journal and the five assessments the Journal suggests you complete.

How to Recession-Proof NOW and Prepare for the Next Wave

  1. Evaluate your inherent strengths and weaknesses through the Personal Style Indicator. In the new labor market, highly skilled people will be in demand. Focus on your strengths. They will be selling points for your next job or career. Become an expert at what you do well. Use the translating and suspending skills outlined in your Personal Style Indicator to communicate more effectively with colleagues, teams, staff, and leaders.

  2. Understand your top core values though your Values Preference Indicator—VITAL for your future success and overall work/life satisfaction! Look for ways to ensure you honor your values in everything you do. Learn to better manage your "hot buttons" or the gut reactions you experience when others unintentionally tread on your values. If you cannot find a way to relate your values to your daily work, you will shortchange yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and your employer.

  3. If you are struggling in your current career, complete the Job Style Indicator based on the requirements of your current position. Compare those results with your Personal Style Indicator. Identify mismatches that are causing you stress and reducing your consistency, job satisfaction, and credibility. Discuss your findings with your superiors and/or colleagues to explore ways your position can be streamlined for maximum productivity. That will help both the company AND you!

  4. Examine your Self-Worth levels through the Self-Worth Inventory. People with higher self-worth are paid more heed, given greater opportunities, and earn higher wages. They are naturally more positive and more pleasant to be around. They experience less anxiety and illness and have better personal relationships..

  5. Evaluate your stress and your health levels. Use the Stress Indicator and Health Planner to help develop a current and future plan of action for the greatest effectiveness. Not only will you improve your performance at work, you will significantly improve your overall quality of life and resilience!

  6. Evaluate your leadership development needs with the Leadership Skills Inventory–Selfand learn how to improve your skills through Transforming Leadership, a book by Dr. Terry Anderson. The importance of the concepts and teaching points in this book has been confirmed through Emotional Intelligence (EI) research. Prepare yourself to be ready, willing, and able to lead yourself and others with confidence and competence.

  7. Thinking of creating your own business, rather than working for someone else? For optimum success, take the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator to discover your greatest strengths and identify duties you should off-load to others. Benefit from the insight of 15 years of research on successful entrepreneurs!

  8. Sales is to life as wheels are to rollerskates. We sell ourselves in job interviews, our ideas in board meetings, our passions in our family units, and our integrity among clients and prospects. Through the Sales Style Indicator, learn how to identify others’ inherent communication preferences, meet others’ needs, and suspend inbuilt behaviors that get in the way of trust.
  9. Need to upgrade your education? Use the Learning Style Indicator to prepare yourself for the greatest possible accomplishments. Find out how you best assimilate information and how to maximize your learning. Compare your Learning Style with your Personal Style, to identify areas of life where you may experience additional stress or lack of balance when in the"learning mode." Prepare your life to make room for successful learning.

  10. Want to use your knowledge and skills to teach and mentor others, facilitate workshops, and coach internal teams? Use the Instructional Style Indicatorto identify your natural preferences for teaching others. Identify the learning styles you have greater difficulty reaching. Develop the ability to identify those learners and better meet their learning needs.

  11. Want to use the CRG tools in your coaching or facilitating? Our 3 Day-Train-The-Trainer sessions equip you with all the instruction and materials you need to get started with credibility! Please call Carol at 604 852-0566 for more information.

No matter what direction you choose to pursue, CRG has a tool to help you be fully engaged and on purpose! Happy exploring!  

Are You a Coach, Counselor, Trainer or HR Professional?

CRG offers our Licensed Associate program to people in the business of helping others. To qualify—and gain a full understanding of our 10 assessments and the use of our other resources, you must attend our 3-Day Train-The-Trainer.

For more information about our upcoming training sessions, please contact Carol at 604-852-0566.
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