Affiliate "How To"

Track Income and Referrals from the CRG Affiliate Program

Last month you learned how to Create Your Affiliate Links to place in emails or on a website or blog. To review that "How To," please go to CANIssue10.html.

This month we'll focus on other helpful features in the "Partners" area of the Website.

Track Your Income

  • Login to your Online account.

  • Click "Partners" on the menu bar across the top of the page.

  • Under "My Orders/Commissions," click "My Commission Status" for a list of Affiliate fees and rebates payable to you.

  • Click "My Commission Pay History" to view the past payments that have been sent to you.

    Please note:
    We will pay rebates and Affiliate fees in the currency which they were generated. Purchases for all Canadian billing addresses are processed in Canadian funds. All other billing addresses are processed in US funds.

Manage Your Referrals

  • While logged into your Online account, click "Partners" from the top menu.
  • Under "My Orders/Commissions" click "My Referral List." You'll see a list of your referral partners, their email addresses, the number of orders they've placed, and the last time they visited our site.

Here's an excellent way to manage your follow ups!
If someone has logged-in through your link and you don't recognize the name, you can email the person a quick "Thank you" and introduction.

If your referrals have not visited our site recently . . .

  • Ask them if they've reviewed their reports lately for their completed assessments and saved their answers to the self-development questions Online.

  • Ask them if they are utilizing the information from their reports in their lives and what impact this information is having, both personally and professionally.

  • Ask them if they would like to refer others to these tools and forward your link so their referrals can travel to our site. If your partners are well connected to groups and organizations, encourage them to become Affiliates. You will receive 5% of the purchases made by their customers.

  • Ask them if they've explored the CRG site for other products that can help them be fully engaged and on purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Are You a Coach, Counselor, Trainer or HR Professional?

CRG offers our Licensed Associate program to people in the business of helping others. To qualify—and gain a full understanding of our 10 assessments and the use of our other resources, you must attend our 3-Day Train-The-Trainer.

For more information about our upcoming training sessions, please contact Carol at 604-852-0566. Toll free in North America at 1-866-852-4347.

Click here to learn more about the complete family of CRG assessments.

Important Reminders to Affiliates . . .

  1. You may not unsubscribe from CAN, this Affiliate newsletter. As part of the CRG Affiliate Agreement, you agreed to accept communications from CRG in any form because they pertain to the Affiliate relationship.
  1. Opting out, refusing, or blocking this communication will result in the termination of the Affiliate Agreement and the forfeiture of any pending Affiliate fees. As a non-Affiliate or a customer of CRG, you may continue to use the CRG site and its resources, without the Affiliate benefits.

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