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by Nico Human
When we first emigrated to Canada in 1999 and I got that first contract with that brand new client, the sky was the limit. We had found the best country on the planet to call home. I had been awarded a contract to work in an area I felt passionate about.

Life was great. Work flowed effortlessly. People remarked about my enthusiasm when running meetings and facilitating workshops. It was contagious. People were enthused to follow in the excitement.

Results came quickly and in a steady stream. Nothing was too much trouble for me; work hours did not really exist. I would get up very early in the morning or carry on late. The important thing was to make progress. Work hours were driven by my passion. And it did not feel like work.

This continued for several years.

Gradually, however, a slow, nearly imperceptible change started to take hold. The focus of the work, over time, started to move out of my passion zone. I still agreed with the work I was doing; I was able to deliver to the clients, but my heart was not in it any more. I sometimes found myself dreading the thought of making a presentation on a topic that I knew, deep down inside, I no longer believed in.

Work became difficult. I had to force myself to do the task at hand and to deliver on time. Work hours became predictable and driven by the clock. And they definitely felt like work.

I searched for a solution everywhere. Prayer eventually (this is a story for another day!) led me to do my own CRG Values Preference Indicator (VPI) online. What a revelation that was! I was so impressed that I ended up joining the company that had developed this powerful tool!

It is probably no surprise to you that the VPI showed that my personal values and beliefs and those needed for the work I was doing were completely out of whack.

When it is our own life and work that is on the line, we tend not to see the forest for the trees. We are too close to the fire.

The VPI tool, developed by Everett T. Robinson, M.A., is a simple, non-psychometric measure of personal-value preferences. It helps us be aware of and better understand the values most important to us.

It ranks values for you such as accomplishment, acknowledgement, challenge, cooperation, creativity, expertise, friendship, honesty, independence, instruction, intimacy, organization, pleasure, quality, recognition, responsibility, security, spirituality, tranquility, variety and wealth. It then assists you to compile a personal action plan to help you better align your life with your values.

Once I had my self and my work aligned (I simply only accepted clients who share the values most important to meessentially changing my job), my passion started to come back. These days I cannot wait to get more, exciting things done to help spread the news! I work in passion and with zest - and it does not feel like work!

I recommend this assessment to everyone. You can do it online, or you can order a hardcopy booklet if you prefer. You may also decide you want to help others discover the powerful tools CRG developed and be trained to become a Licensed Associate. Ken Keis, our company's President, does the indepth training. Do join him for a Train-The-Trainer 3-day session! I did it and can tell you it will change your life!  

For the better!

Our Goal for 2008
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Happy New Year!
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