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CRG Affiliates

CRG understands the power of word-of-mouth marketing. We want to acknowledge the importance that each of our clients plays in our success. That's why we built our FREE Online Affiliate program into our business model.

CRG's Affiliate program is a professionally designed reward system for individuals, nonprofit organizations, in-house corporate trainers, HR professionals, and anyone using or promoting CRG's tools.

As an Affiliate, you will be rewarded for your referral efforts and you will receive back a percentage from your own purchases.


The whole system is easy to use and automated so anyone can participate. Once you register online, you will be given a specific CRG Affiliate ID, unique to you. You can place a link on your Website, email signature, or any electronic file or ezine. When a person uses that link to purchase any products on the site, he or she is permanently "linked" to you; you receive Affiliate and referral fees on anything that person buys—now and in the future. 

You will receive:

  • 10% of the purchase amount on direct purchases made by you and your referrals;
  • 5% on purchases made through Tier-Two Affiliates; and

CRG's Affiliate Newsletter is full of new findings, strategies, case studies, and announcements about how CRG's assessments can increase your personal and organization success.


That's right—you will benefit from the people your referrals bring to CRG!

Many organizations use the Affiliate program to raise funds, improve the bottom line, and/or reduce training costs while helping other organizations, clients, and/or friends with great assessments, resources, and transformational experiences!

Become an Affiliate and earn residual income while helping your clients, friends, and family realize their potential. 

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