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There will be numerous breaks throughout the day to keep everyone refreshed and energized


  • Learn how to assess individuals using CRG’s Readiness and Willingness Model™ to understand why people succeed and fail.
  • Discover the one attribute all individuals must have to successfully interact with others.
  • Understand the core reasons why over 80% of professionals permanently switch to CRG resources from alternatives such as DiSC, MBTI, True Colors, and others.
  • Comprehend the distinct advantage of CRG’s Personal Style Model™.
  • Why most definitions of Extroversion and Introversion are destructive to performance and how CRG has addressed many of the industry’s and society’s misconceptions on this topic.
  • Learn a quick method to determine a person’s potential style pattern and enjoy an introduction to Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™.
  • Ascertain how to increase staff and individual performance by using CRG’s job-style compatibility system.
  • Enjoy hands-on practice with CRG assessments and Personal Style models.



  • Appreciate how different Selling Styles affect buying behaviors and results and an introduction to Why Don’t You Sell The Way That I Buy?™
  • Learn how to assess a person’s entrepreneurial style and his or her entrepreneurial success factors compared to 4000 successful entrepreneurs.
  • Recognize the significance of understanding Instructional and Learning Styles and check out Why Don’t You Teach The Way That I Learn?™.
  • Learn about CRG’s extensive team-assessment and team-development system.
  • Help others discover and live their purpose through CRG’s Source discovery process.
  • Use CRG’s exclusive situational self-worth model to confirm and improve self-worth levels.
  • Determine stress and wellness levels in five specific categories.
  • Learn a method to determine actual values versus perceived values.
  • Elevate your learning to a new level in a specially-designed activity.



  • Study CRG’s comprehensive Transforming Leadership Model™ including CRG’s Leadership Skills 360˚ assessment.
  • Find out about CRG’s exceptional business and professional resources and how they can support you to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Discover proven methods and applications for implementing CRG’s resources into your organization or business.
  • Learn how to integrate what you have learned into what you are already doing.
  • Develop your perfect customer/employee/partner criteria list.
  • Determine how you can leverage CRG’s intellectual content and program development to provide solutions for your constituents and clients.
  • Document your personal plan and implementation strategy to put into action the next morning.
  • Receive feedback on your plan from colleagues/experts in the field and use that live coaching to confirm, improve, and adjust your objectives and plans for your organization..

5:30 - Wine and Cheese