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The Courage to Be You. The foundation of any relationship is constant growth. The first step is each spouse's commitment to their own personal growth.

Complacency is Mediocrity. What is a life well lived? How does one examine a successful life's journey? Your own personal growth is your commitment to your own inner well-being and peace of mind. You must nurture yourself before you can nurture others.

To be at peace with others is impossible if you are constantly having conflicting and fighting voices in your own mind. Inner peace takes commitment and effort. You must constantly rattle yourself out of your complacency and inertia, because this is the surefire path to mediocrity and unhappiness.

Model your commitment to your own inner well-being and your relationship with your spouse and children will reflect your inner peace and love.

Having a Plan. Once we have each committed to our personal growth, we can then begin to grow together as a team. We need to understand what the purpose of marriage is and how to achieve it together.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish. A couple needs a plan for their relationship. They need to charter a course towards a mutual destination. Climb into the same boat together and create your shared life. There is a deep sense of fulfillment that will occur for both of you. You may even stop feeling that you are like two ships that pass in the night.

Being Supportive and Supportable.
Tragedy is inevitable. Everybody goes through hard times and loss. When we support each other and allow our spouse to support us, we can deal with any challenges that life throws at us.

Dealing With Challenges Alone Creates More Pain. This essential life skill of being supportive and supportable will be modeled by your children when they see you doing it. It is a key ingredient to their basket of life skills they will need to take on whatever challenges that life throws at them.

Open Communication. Why do we fear open communication? What are we really afraid of? We all know that it is far more difficult to undo the damage of deceit then to talk honestly upfront with our spouse. Open communication is the first step in stripping yourself to your spouse and letting them peer behind your mask.

Deceiving Others Is Really Fearing Yourself. Communication is not complicated. It is simply the ability to communicate with a quiet mind, without agendas or expectations. You just have to be in the conversation, and not in your head.