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The average worker is supposed to find a job, dedicate themselves to it, and slowly, inexorably climb up the corporate ladder, right? Well, twenty years ago, perhaps, but not any more.

Gen Y has long since stopped buying into the 'career ladder' concept. The key word is opportunity. The entrepreneur might not necessarily be more skilled than those less successful but the difference is spotting opportunities and seizing the chance.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

We usually think of an entrepreneur as someone who is highly responsive to change, who sees opportunities that others may not see, and who mobilizes resources to make new things happen. Although some people feel that entrepreneurs are born, not made, experience has shown us that entrepreneurship can be taught, and that a positive environment encourages entrepreneurial thinking, promotes innovation, and leads to a higher degree of social and economic sustainability. Businesses, organizations and communities can become more entrepreneurial.

Starting up a small business gives rise to new experiences and endless questions. With high hopes and unbridled enthusiasm, they launch their own businesses and enter the challenging—and potentially rewarding—world of entrepreneurship. Some of them thrive, but many fail. And most often it's because they weren't well prepared and didn't know what they needed to know.

So now the question is: do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Even if you have a great idea, starting a new business is challenging.