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The Quest For Purpose

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The Quest For Purpose

A Self-Discovery Process To Find It And Live It!

Gallup research confirmed that nearly 90% of employees are indifferent or actively disengaged at work. Less than 10% of the population believes that they are living a fulfilling life On Purpose! These are disturbing statistics. That means there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you are one of these unfulfilled individuals—would you like to change that? The Quest For Purpose is a roadmap for assisting individuals to live a life full of meaning, significance, and purpose.

Some of what you will gain and learn:

  • Why meaning comes before purpose
  • The mindset required to succeed
  • On Purpose character traits
  • What you really value
  • How to make the right decisions in your life—every time
  • What excites and interests you
  • Your Master Life Purpose
  • Your core passions
  • A clear vision in all areas of your life
  • An action plan
  • How to live your life On Purpose


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"We live in a purpose-confused culture. We all long for purpose but have no idea where to find it. Ken’s new book is an inspiring journey of answering life’s greatest question—why am I here?"

Andy Steiger
Author, Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions

"The Quest For Purpose is a fabulous handbook to help each of us attain better self-awareness and to aid us in finding our desired path. To get to where we want to go, first we must better understand where we are. Of the many books offering guidance in this area, Dr. Ken Keis offers the most practical, straightforward, and user-friendly approach I’ve seen."

This is a must-read and must-do!

Bob Schoultz
30-Year U.S. Navy SEAL; CEO, Fifth Factor Leadership


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