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  Online Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

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  PSI plus PSI In-Depth Interpretations

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  Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

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  PSI In-Depth Interpretations

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Personality Assessment tool - Personal Style Indicator

The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a powerful communication and learning tool. This 20-page self-administered and self-scored assessment helps you and your clients discover your natural preferences towards time, people, tasks, and situations. Participants identify their specific PSI style pattern(s), which assists them to instantly understand their strengths and potential challenges so they can be more effective at work and at home.

Use the PSI to:
  • Hire
  • Clarify Careers
  • Building Teams
  • Improve Leadership
  • Enhance Communications
Use it for:
  • Employees/Students
  • Families
  • Potential Employees
  • Partners: Business and Personal
  • Leaders/Managers


Interested in an online sample report? 

Personal Style Indicator The Personal Style Indicator (PSI) is a scientifically developed, self-administered, and self-scored learning and communication instrument. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. The PSI can assist you do do the following:

  • Identify your basic personal style, which is the way you prefer to respond to time, people, tasks, and situations.
  • Gain self-understanding and self-acceptance and greater appreciation and acceptance of others.
  • Recognize the consequences and effect of your interpersonal style and the effect your personal style has on the way you relate to others.
  • Discover your typical reactions to stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses.
  • Better understand the style tendencies of others and learn to interact with them more effectively, to promote harmony and increase your credibility.
  • Increase your productivity and success by sharing a common language when talking with others about the style behaviors that are preferred at home or on a particular job. 
  • Determine your preferred work style and work environment to more intentionally select the best job, role, and/or career for you.
  • Develop a plan to increase your style-flexibility and effectiveness in relation to tasks and in your interactions with others.
  • Facilitate team development through the careful assessment of team-member strengths.

PSI In-Depth Interpretations (PSI–ID)The PSI In-Depth Interpretations (PSI–ID) is the essential companion to the Personal Style Indicator. With 48 pages, the PSI In-Depth Interpretations offers an expanded 2-page description of each of the PSI proprietary 21 style patterns, with focus on the following.

  • Strengths
  • Common Areas of Difficulty
  • Reactions to Stress
  • Team Functioning and Compatibility with Other Styles
  • Leadership Implications
  • Increased Effectiveness

It also includes a section on "Developing Your Plan to Increase Effectiveness."

Unlike other personality assessments, the PSI directs you to the style pattern(s) that specifically apply to you. The added benefit of the PSI In-Depth Interpretations is you have all 21 style patterns in one booklet, providing instant access in a seminar or workshop format. Many clients use the PSI–ID as part of a team-building or relationship-development process where you read the style patterns of others—instantly increasing your understanding of their style.

Personal Style IndicatorThe Online Personal Style Indicator (PSI ) can be completed 24/7 if you or your client have an Internet connection. The Online version automatically calculates your scores and determines which of the 21 PSI style pattern(s) apply to you. Most individuals complete the Online PSI in just a few minutes (less than 10). The Online PSI includes all the content of the print-based assessment plus the PSI In-Depth Interpretations that reflect your specific results, Your results are stored in your very own Individual Learning Center where you can view, print, or email them to anyone at any time. The Online PSI can also be completed as part of any Corporate Learning Center (CLC) and stored for use by that individual, group,or organization. The Online PSI is a powerful option that enhances any virtual support, coaching, career, training, and/or educational process.



Ken Keis and Terry Anderson Discuss the Origins of the PSI 

PSI DiSC Comparison




Comparison of the CRG’s Personal Style Indicator to Other Assessments

Many professionals ask CRG the question, how is your Personal Style Indicator different from other (type) assessments in the marketplace? And after 33 years of history, why do 80% of professionals switch to the PSI after they learn and acknowledge these differences? This is a grid to help you understand just some of the numerous and significant differences. For additional information please feel free to contact us directly at 16048520566 or This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

Download the Assessment Tools Comparison chart.

Download the PSI White Paper.


The Personal Style Indicator is available in the following formats and languages:


Arabic Danish  Dutch French Japanese Spanish Swedish Vietnamese


The PSI In-Depth Interpretations is available in the following formats and languages:

Dutch  French Japanese  Spanish Swedish  Vietnamese


The Personal Style Indicator is available Online in the following formats and languages:

Chinese German Indonesian Spanish French


  PSI Trainer's Guidelines

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  E-Version PSI Trainer's Guidelines

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PSI Trainer's Guidelines

Why reinvent the wheel? CRG has presented the PSI many times and is now offering you their professional insights and training tips.

As a trainer, you will find the Personal Style Indicator Guidelines the essential tool for presenting and using the PSI. Presentation options range from basic (no presentation) to advanced (30 minutes to 12 hours).

Pair the Guidelines with the CRG Models for a full, professional presentation.


To download our e-version PSI Trainer's Guidelines click on 'add to cart' then 'checkout'. After you have purchased your items simply wait for your e-version to be emailed directly to your inbox.

  PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

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  E-Version PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

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PSI/JSI Professional's Guide

Build a new hiring process that will save you time and money. Use the Personal Style Indicator and Job Style Indicator as the base for your hiring process and witness the difference for yourself.

This Professional's Guide will provide you with the background knowledge to effectively use these assessments to build a strong company by hiring the right people for the right positions. This Guide includes background details and information on the creation of the tools and their intended application.

This 64-page Guide includes background details and information on the creation of the tools and their intended applications.


To download our e-version PSI/JSI Professional's Guide click on 'add to cart' then 'checkout'. After you have purchased your items simply wait for your e-version to be emailed directly to your inbox.

  PSI PowerPoint Presentation Deluxe

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PSI PowerPoint Presentation Deluxe

Appeal to the visual learners in your group with a professional PowerPoint presentation of the Personal Style Indicator. CRG created the slides to accompany their presentations on the PSI and now they are offering you their PowerPoint presentations for use in your seminar or training.

You can customize the presentation for your group by using as many or as few of the slides as you like—and even adding some of your own. The PowerPoint comes on a CD with an accompanying binder of full-color printouts. The PSI PowerPoint also fully supports the Building Relationships with Style workbook.

Use the PSI PowerPoint Presentation Deluxe as the finishing touch to creating visually stimulating and professional training.

  Workbook - Building Relationships with Style (PSI)

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Building Relationships with Style

Simplify presentations on the PSI by using this 64-page workbook as your base. Building Relationships with Style is the perfect companion piece for presentations on the Personal Style Indicator.

This workbook covers the building blocks of personal style and the PSI, including

  • Readiness and Willingness to Change
  • Defining Credibility and its Importance
  • Understanding Personal Style
  • Applying what You've Learned
  • Creating an Action Plan

    Have CRG customize this workbook for you—specifically for your clients or organization. Using this workbook as a template, we will insert, change, revise, or co-create curricula that reflect your models, culture, and content.


    Note: The PSI PowerPoint Deluxe fully supports this workbook. Give your clients a valuable workbook that they can use to continue to learn and grow after they leave your seminar.

    *CRG or one of its associates is available to conduct this program live with your clients.

      Why Aren't You More Like Me? Paperback

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    Why Aren't You More Like Me?

    Without this book, you have only scraped the surface of understanding personal style. Would you like to know more about style and how you can use it to improve your life, relations and interactions with others? The Third Edition of the, Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™, book is authored by Ken Keis, the co-author of the Personal Style Indicator and author of The Quest For Purpose. Learn more about interacting with others and how style affects every area of your life. Retail $30.00.

    Here’s What You Will Get and Learn:

    Take your personal style knowledge and understanding to the next level with the book Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™

    • A complimentary Online Personal Style Indicator (PSI) assessment—a $45 value—included with the purchase of each book.
    • You will receive your own personalized 20+ page PSI report on your specific style pattern(s) and how to personally increase your effectiveness with self and others—View a Sample Report
    • Learn about the one factor that without it you will forever be hindered in your ability to build lasting relationships.
    • That developing your weaknesses is a myth and highly over rated. You will learn to play and design a life that plays to your strengths and natural predisposition.
    • Learn how to lead and inspire others who are different than you.
    • Learn how to match your personal style to the nature of the work and roles so that you will have a fulfilling work life.
    • Learn to avoid this one condition that without it you will not be able to sustain your engagement or personal energy.
    • Learn what our parents told us was wrong with us is actually right with us.
    • Learn about a holistic development model and strategies to advance and improve all the areas of your life.
    • Learn that what we were all taught about introversion and extroversion is flawed and embrace a more powerful explanation of why we prefer what we prefer.
    • Be able to intentionally make decisions in all areas of your life with confidence—every time.

      Take your personal style knowledge and understanding to the next level with the book Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™.

        CRG Models Deluxe (CD ROM with Color Handouts)

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      CRG Models Deluxe

      It takes time and money to create handouts for a presentation. Why not use the models CRG has already created? CRG Models is a CD-ROM with PDFs of all the handouts needed to present the Personal Style Indicator and any of CRG's style assessments.

      Once you have purchased this CD, you can print the full-color handouts anytime you need them, as many copies as you like.

      The CD includes the following.

      • Readiness and Willingness to Change
      • Credibility
      • What is Personal Style?
      • Personal Style Model
      • Business Development Model
      • And Much More!

      Set yourself up for success.

      Use CRG's professional handouts at your next presentation!

        Job Style Indicator (JSI)

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        Online Job Style Indicator (JSI)

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      The Job Style Indicator (JSI) does not determine what career you or another person should consider. Rather, it helps you measure the work style requirements of a specific job, role, or responsibility.

      Use the JSI to:
      • Clarify Responsibilities
      • Confirm Expectations
      • Establish Mutual Understanding
      • Confirm Work Style Needs
      Use it for:
      • Employees
      • Prospective Employees
      • Clients of Job Centers or Coaches
      • Professional Contracts
      • Teams, to Build Performance

      "Ken Keis presented a seminar on the Personal Style Indicator. Ken's outgoing, friendly style established a good atmosphere for learning. I found that the seminar proved beneficial in building better interpersonal relations and a strengthened work team."

      Earl Jenstad, Manager
      BC Dairy Industry Program
      Alberta Department of Agriculture

      "Participants were intrigued with the work they did on the Personal Style Indicator, As each person began to understand their strengths and areas to improve, they were able to recognize strengths in others and how each could be motivated. Participants gained an understanding of personality styles through Ken's thorough and entertaining presentation. Many commented on how well he kept their interest throughout the presentation, and that they went away empowered to work with their leadership teams."

      Pat Tonn,
      Youth Development Specialist
      BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food

      "I have used several "personality style" indicators. After participating in your program, I found the Personal Style Indicator developed by your company to be a better fit for business use than some of the high priced professional personality inventories I have used in the past. Your presentation had practical applications for sales and marketing people. I recommend you and your programs to all SME people at every level of their organization."

      J. Lawrence Dressor, President
      Sales and Marketing Executives, Tacoma, WA

      "While I consider the MBTI to be a very effective tool for providing quality feedback, it can be very cumbersome to use. Workshop participants frequently struggle with grasping the interrelationships between the four different continuums and rarely remember their type after one exposure. On the other hand, participants easily understood the Personal Style Indicator and style-shifting. More importantly, because of it's practical, straight forward nature, I believe participants will be able to easily use the PSI back on the job."

      Michael Kossler, Employee Relations
      GTE Telephone Operations, North Area

      "... tools such as the Personal Style Indicator and the Self-Worth Inventory have many applications for our business, both in terms of organizational development and for working with health care and human resource professionals. "How refreshing it is to attend a training program where the presentation lives up to the expectation. To use your words, your passion for developing individuals, families, and organizations came through in your warmth, friendliness, and presentation skills."

      Ruth B. Fischer, President
      NutriSmart Inc.


      Richard Knowdell Talks About the PSI