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Products for Assessment, Training and Development

CRG publishes a suite of more than 100 fast-paced assessment, learning and development tools – all designed to help you understand yourself (and others) more deeply. Our flagship Personal Style Assessment (PSI) reveals your personal style, and your natural preferences towards time, people, tasks, and situations. All other CRG assessment and development tools are integrated and help you understand yourself better – your personal style, leadership skills, learning styles, values, and much more.

Our self-administered and self-scoring assessments are not tests that can be passed or failed. Instead we place the emphasis on helping people gain greater insight into the roots of their personality and behavior. We focus on the person and his or her development, rather than on the assessment.

Our assessment, CRG Assessments Systems Workshop and personal and professional development tools differ from personality tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC, Kiersey, Wilson Social Styles, True Colors and others. All CRG products and programs are based on contemporary theory relating to personality, behavior, leadership and interpersonal communication, and can be used in a wide variety of disciplines. The knowledge and understanding gained from these tools are applicable any time you are dealing with another person – whether in a leadership role, in sales, in parenting, teaching or coaching or in resolving conflict. A better understanding of the people around you will increase the effectiveness of your communication and help you get the results you want and need. An effective assessment can offer amazing freedom, clarity, direction, and release to individuals and businesses.

Personal style is a measurement, and explanation, of how you and others tend to behave in most situations most of the time. Although only one factor of your personality – the other factors being bio-physical influences, self-worth levels, environmental systems, social teachers, and emotional anchors – understanding your personal style can provide increased clarity in self-understanding and improved communication and relationships with others.

If you are an HR, Career, Coaching/Training or Education professional and you are new to CRG, we recommend that you begin your exploration by clicking here Complimentary Assessment to request a free Personal Style Indicator (PSI) assessment. The assessment is completely self-administered and self-scoring; takes only minutes to complete – and the interpretation guide will quickly show you the difference between CRG and other assessment tools. This introductory gift is valued at $45.

Personal Style Indicator

CRG founder, Dr. Terry Anderson, developed the PSI assessment 33 years ago - creating a multi-theory model based on current research (most others are based on Jung's and Marston's theories, published nearly a century ago and now dated).

Did you know? The PSI is available in 12 languages and has sold more than 3 million copies.

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