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Assessments & Solutions


CRG provides an entire family of fast-paced communication and learning tools that help you understand yourself better—your personal style, leadership skills, learning styles, values, and much more. Our assessments are not tests that can be passed or failed—they are completely self-administered and self-scoring. We place the emphasis on the person and his or her development, rather than on the assessment.


CRG's tools and resources can be used in a wide variety of disciplines. The knowledge and understanding gained from these tools are applicable any time you are dealing with another person. A better understanding of the people around you will increase the effectiveness of your communication and help you get the results you want. A proper assessment can offer amazing freedom, clarity, direction, and release to individuals and businesses.


Personal style is a measurement of how you tend to behave in most situations most of the time. Although only one factor of your personality—the other factors being bio-physical influences, self-worth levels, environmental systems, social teachers, and emotional anchors—understanding your personal style can provide increased clarity in self-understanding and improved relationships with others.