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CRG Perfect Customer

CRG's Perfect Customer

It was just a few years ago that we met and spent time with Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez, authors of the book, Attracting Your Perfect Customer. Through their process, we have documented the general qualities and characteristics of CRG's Perfect Customer/Associate.

Stacey and Jan teach that it's not about getting or even seeking clients - but attracting like-minded individuals and organizations with whom you like to do business. It seems so simple and obvious, but does it work? Our experience is: Absolutely!

To help you determine if you are connecting with an organization that appeals to the qualities you desire in a business relationship, here are some of the qualities of our Perfect Customer/Associate.

  • Values honesty/persistence/integrity/flexibility;
  • Wants to make a difference in other people's lives;
  • Expects our relationship to be win/win;
  • Is action-oriented;
  • Wants to succeed;
  • Expects results;
  • Is easy to work with;
  • Understands the power of leverage;
  • Is interested in passive and residual income;
  • Invests in value, not price;
  • Takes responsibility for his or her situation and success;
  • Acknowledges the power of purpose, both corporately and individually;
  • Is helpful toward others;
  • Embraces the spirit of Abundance, not lack;
  • Believes in Life-Long Learning.

The list articulates the kind and nature of the relationships we prefer; it forms a framework of expectations to guide our choices.

We suggest that this approach can apply to any business or individual. We include this process in our Certification in CRG Assessment Systems Workshop.