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Who Are We?

We do much more than simply sell products.
We transform lives.

CRG is a leader in Personal and Professional Development.

Everything we do is founded in the premise that each person is born with his or her own innate personal style. We believe success can only be achieved when you have a clear understanding of your self.

Each year we assist in the development of thousands of individuals, families, professionals, organizations, and entrepreneurs who make a global impact through our comprehensive offering of assessments, solutions, and resources—the tools for change.

By breaking the chains of ineffective traditional methods of personal development, we help people become aware of their personal style and their preferences. We provide the resources, models, and processes for them to be intentional in their choices—while remaining congruent to their purpose.

Organizations and individuals access CRG products and services through corporate training, licensed facilitators, public workshops and seminars, our catalog, and CRG has over 200 Licensed Associates who provide their clients with CRG products and services, in more than a dozen countries.

Core Offerings

  • Personal Development Solutions

  • Family Relationship Solutions

  • Organizational Development

  • Team Development

  • Leader's and Trainer's Resources

  • Training Programs

  • Workshops and Speaking programs

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be globally acknowledged as the Number One resource center for personal and professional development for personal and professional developers. Our ever-expanding global network of Licensed Associates serves local needs throughout the world. Through our training sessions, we equip internal and external consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers, counselors, educators, and HR professionals on the use of CRG resources.

Mission Statement

CRG equips its global network of Licensed Associates and Online Affiliates to enrich people's lives by empowering them to live on purpose. CRG does this by creating, publishing, and providing innovative learning assessments, tools, systems, processes, and solutions—in which learners enthusiastically and easily engage—while assisting the learners to make positive and profound changes.

CRG provides our Associates and Online Affiliates with a highly leverageable residual and passive income-reward model to help them realize their full financial potential, in a spirit of mutual collaboration and trust.

Core Values

  • Competence

  • Spirituality

  • Purpose

  • Professionalism

  • Quality

  • Loyalty

  • Engagement (Being Fully Engaged)

  • Respect/Honor

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