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 Consultants' Testimonials

" You have personally provided me with the opportunity to share and to consult with another professional in the human resources field. Your professional expertise and support have been very valuable to me. The Self-Worth Inventory and Values Preference Indicator are just two of your systems that support my program. Participants have found each system an excellent tool in assisting them in their personal development."

Agnes Schoepfner, Executive Director
ADD Training

" The Personal Style Indicator, Job Style Indicator and the Comprehensive Personnel System left our business owners and managers with a process that could be immediately applied in selecting and developing exceptional employees."

Mike Cassidy, President
Cassidy Associates

"Your positive attitude had an overwhelming effect on everything you did. As you know, this is the largest training endeavor to happen in North America. The long hours and the large groups were something you took in stride. Your professional approach and dedication are valuable assets to any project."

Sherry Crone, President
Dimension II Ltd.

"Your true understanding of what individuals and organizations are faced with in these challenging times has been successfully translated into specific stages and steps for their developmental learning and skills training. In addition, you have managed to combine leadership training and team building into a comprehensive package that promotes the transfer of their new skills down through all levels of their organization, and helps sustain their training initiative."

Maureen Reilly, President
Pebble Hill Enterprises

"Throughout the day, we were impressed with the ease with which you managed sensitive issues that were important to us. You demonstrated a good grasp of the essential ingredients that build a productive team, and we felt your genuine interest and commitment in working with us to reach our goals."

Diane Houston
RDF Management Limited

"You were able to facilitate a structure for the session that enabled us all to tap into the wisdom of our group. The examples you shared with us about your own experience of community helped us connect with our own experiences, a far richer learning experience than just discussing the latest theories from the "experts."

Linda Whiteside
Vancouver Organizational Development

"Thank you for the presentation on client-centered consulting you made on very short notice. It was very well done, useful, and relevant to the audience. You are obviously very knowledgeable in this field; your warm, open, and interactive style enhanced the content greatly."

Penny Bees, Program Planning
International Society for Performance Improvement

"Our participants really enjoyed your presentation. They noted the value of Transforming Leadership Skills for developing the whole person for the whole organization. And we appreciated that your interactive workshop design involved all the participants in the discovery process."

Lindsay Brooks, President
Strategic Quality Institute

"These people excel, which I define as the best in their genre, in helping leadership teams and companies do the following: executive and organization-wide team-building; individual leadership coaching and development; world-class style and values self-assessment technologies (paper, software, and on-line); and organizational development. Their reach is far from long-standing and entrepreneurial businesses to public sector, hospital, and not-for-profit leadership."

Bill Bean, Chairman

"After using the "DISC" style instrument for more than eight years, I was fortunate to discover the Personal Style Indicator behavioral-style assessment. I find the PSI much easier to administer, with very complete, easy-to-follow instructions. The in-depth interpretations are much more accurate as well, leading to more client satisfaction."

Bruce R. Wares, President
Sales Productivity Institute

"I have been in the business of selling for many years, and I have not previously seen a system such as the Sales Style Indicator (SSI) that can so accurately sum up the characteristics of a person as it applies to the area of selling. I can see it as a very useful tool in the selection and training of salespeople."

Paul Murphy
The Phoenix Group Australia

"My clients have found the Personal Style Indicator to be an extraordinary learning tool for their Leadership classes. Whether the audience is front-line employees or senior level engineers and managers, the response is always the same: insightful information that can easily be put to use."

Victor J. Bullara, Managing Director
World Class HR

"The Entrepreneurial Style & Success Indicator is a wonderful diagnostic tool. Entrepreneurs who have been narrowly focused upon their personal problems and predicaments are encouraged to do environment scans and to see themselves as part of a larger picture.

Sylvia Ryce Cornell, Owner
Creative Concepts Unlimited

"Transforming Leadership offers not only the direction and road map for the leadership and development journey, this articulate book gives us the supplies and nourishment to thrive along the way."

Jim Kouzes, President
TPG/Learning Systems

"We have found the Personal Style Indicator especially valuable. It seems that almost every person who uses the tool finds this a safe, non-threatening way to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly people comment that they feel encouraged, have a greater understanding of themselves, and want to learn more.' BRAVO! to you and Consulting Resource Group."

Bonnie Maguffee, Manager
Swan Occupational Search

"I have chosen to use CRG learning and communication tools in my coaching and consulting practice for three reasons: the quality of thinking that has gone into their development; the ease of use in creating and interpreting the results; and the breadth and wisdom of the interpretive material. The tools are positive in their approach and profound in their impact. That is why I have chosen the CRG tools over the many others available in the marketplace."

Brian J. Fraser, Founder, Imaginer and Provocateur
Jazzthink Consulting

"I'd admit that until we attended your "CRG Insiders View" workshop I was not aware of the significant advantages that the CRG tools had over other assessments like DISC or MBTI. But by far the CRG tools are the most powerful and valuable tools that we have used. Without question every HR or Training professional needs to attend your workshop to truly understand the powerful design and impact that your tools have, there is no replacement for being there."

Ryan Gibson
Knowledge Brokers International

"My experience with CRG's training solutions goes back to 1992 and I have had the privilege of facilitating sessions for hundreds of people. The Insider's View Workshop I attended provided me with a much stronger foundation for and clearer understanding of the theories behind your assessment tools. My clients are the direct beneficiaries of this added expertise. Working directly with you and your colleagues at the workshop has taken my company and my performance to an even higher level of professionalism."

Brian D. Olson; President
The Rivendell Group, Ltd.

"The program evaluations confirmed the value you created for the participants. It was satisfying to work with a company that believes in the value of the individual and that is committed to substance and change, versus lofty ideas and motivational hype."

Bruce McTavish
Pacific Resource Consultants

"TeamLead helps participants to better understand themselves, the perspectives of fellow team members, the goals of the team and how those goals impact their own role in the team. In addition to providing greater understanding and insight, TeamLead gives the participants the skills they need to maximize the results of the team. The communication and coaching skills alone are by themselves of tremendous value in any team development."

Sheridan P. Gibbons
Gibbons & Associates

 Corporate Testimonials

"I want to thank you, Ken, for the recent session held with my management team. The session accomplished my primary objectives in a very professional and non-threatening fashion. I highly recommend your process for all organizations, particularly ones that are trying to move to a more effective team approach."

Fred Townley-McKay, CEO
Southwest Credit Union Ltd.

"Your approach to dealing with client-service issues was enlightening; it made us go home rethinking how we run our storefronts. I was impressed with your ability to enhance group participation in an environment dominated by the financial service group. It is not easy to motivate such a diversified group as administrators and professional salespeople."

Debra Terry, Branch Sales Manager
The Royal Trust Company

"Our organization recently had the occasion to acquire the resources of CRG for a Board/Management team-building process, In the training sessions Ken Keis, the instructor, used the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) to help each of us develop an understanding of how our personal styles can effect team functioning and compatibility, Ken was very dynamic in his leadership of the session. His knowledge of the industry, coupled with his broad experience, allowed him to relate well with the participants. We have experienced positive results in an extremely short period of time."

W. Vern Buck, General Manager
Estevan Credit Union, Ltd.

"You did your homework and prepared an agenda that helped us move forward on a number of fundamental issues. You were invaluable in getting us to realize what we had to do in terms of leadership development. You are to be commended for your thoroughness, tenacity, and encouragement in our journey."

Teresa Freeborn, Vice President
BC Central Credit Union

"Your ability to maximize the participation in a group with varied interests and to bring them to a focus in terms of the future was indeed inspiring and appreciated. Our participants have made many comments on the ability of you, as a leader, maintained a focus in order that timetables and the deliverables could be met. You certainly made our sessions go forward with energy and vision."

John Charlesworth, President and CEO
Fraser Valley Credit Union

"We have great success utilizing the Personal Style Indicator and Job Style Indicator for our team building process, as well for one-on-one counseling situations. The participants find it especially valuable"

Mary Beth Henninger, Manager, Training & Development
Conseco Companies

"Thank you for your message of "Change." I personally really enjoyed your presentation. It is one we need to address, followed with 'action.' "

Sharen Rowlandson, Sales and Marketing Manager
Hagen's Travel

"I would like to commend Ken Keis on the sales development program. The product information was very thorough and the presentation was commendable. I have found that my sales skills have been refined and updated with the program."

Susan Nemeth, Manager
Cruise Holidays-Fraser Valley

"I thought you did a tremendous job; hopefully we can put into practice the many good ideas you left with us to improve our company in many ways, certainly including profitability. I look forward to staying in touch with you as a coach."

Morris Kelmer, President
A and K Railroad Materials, Inc

"I have found you and your company very professional, competent, and in-depth in your approach. I am appreciative of the fact that you had us examine the bigger picture first and confirm that the proposed solution links to our stated objectives. Beginning with our two-day Executive Retreat, to the analysis of data from the "Leadership Skills Inventory," I believe you have been sincere in wanting to make a positive difference."

Don M. Enns, General Manager
Cantest Ltd.

"I appreciated your challenge to us as dealers to think about our business differently. When you showed us the real numbers from real dealerships of lost business opportunities, you really hit home with something we needed to do more proactively in my dealership group, Your focus on marketing, not sales, and on opportunities, not on historical data, is critical to our future dealership growth and success. It is clear that our managers benefited from your company's business systems and thinking."

Gerry Wood, President
Wood Automotive Group

"We have made significant gains over the past year because of your onsite business consulting. On many occasions, your in-depth knowledge and understanding of business operations have challenged us to think beyond the average and ordinary. I have no hesitation recommending your company to other businesses who may require such services."

Paul Chiang, General Manager
Abbotsford Chrysler

"Your services, your coaching expertise, and your ability to communicate effectively exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for your participation and business process redesign project."

Steve J. Landry, Western Regional Manager

"I have been in the retail Automobile Business Dealership for 25 years, and have worked with or been trained by numerous independent consultants. Ken is the only one that has exhibited the understanding of what really goes on in a new vehicle franchise operation."

George Evans, Dealer Principal
River City Nissan

"There is no question that we have developed personally and as a business because of your professional approach and expertise. On many occasions, you have surprised us with your in-depth knowledge and understanding of dealership operations."

John O'Connor, Dealer Principal
O'Connor Motors

"We have benefited enormously from your insight and leadership. Our company management now has more clearly defined goals and objectives as a result of your direction."

Brian Haley, President
White Rock Chrysler Jeep

"I have worked with Ken for several years in our dealerships. His company has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the retail automotive industry, including sales, fixed operations, human resources, and automotive computer systems. His team's understanding of the challenges associated with the day-to-day operations of a business is evident in the team's ability to make fundamental changes to the culture within a retail operation, including processes to enhance customer focus, resulting in improved customer satisfaction."

James Carter, General Manager
Carter Chevrolet and the Carter Group of Dealerships

"Ken has been well received by our staff; he gets their co-operation and trust. He has been successful at having them work together to help better our business for our customers. We have initiated a number of their ideas and have seen improvement in those areas."

R. V. Binkley, President
Richmond Plymouth Chrysler

"Since 1994 you have provided us with excellent customer feedback in the form of 'mystery appraisals' at all 12 of our locations. They have always been responsive to our needs and our individual request for unique and specific information. Their information has always been timely and accurate."

Bill Ticknor, Senior Vice President
Mr. Lube

"Before we contracted you, the logistics seemed insurmountable. With the help of you and Eleanor, we were able to initiate our program on time. Your expertise in forming the pertinent information necessary to write a hiring criteria, newspaper ads, job analysis, job descriptions, and classifications on such short notice was phenomenal."

James Christensen, Director of Safety and Training
Irby Construction Company

"Thank you for your tireless efforts in conceiving, presenting, and monitoring our new Operator/Passenger Relations Program. The program's qualities of genuine understanding, courtesy, and concreteness are essential to improve our communication skills, in order to deal effectively with potential problem situations."

D. E. A. MacKay, Supervisor
BC Hydro and Power Authority

"We engaged CRG on several different topics, including an overall organizational study with recommendations, a hiring and job description engagement, and personal executive coaching to me. CRG is comprised of outstanding professionals who are highly qualified, committed, dedicated, and effective."

Charles Irby, President
Irby Construction Company

"Your Personal Style Indicator has helped me understand myself better as well as become more receptive in the inter-communications with fellow employees."

W.H. Welch, Division Manager
East Chilliwack Consumers' Co-op

"The implementation of the Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) into our Stress Management Program has proved to be an enormous success. The planner has been most effective from the participants' point of view, simply due to the way it breaks down the stress issues we encounter in our lives into five very distinct areas. The planner has shown [staff] a whole new approach to managing stress."

Liz McNally, Training & Development
London Drugs Limited

"I would like to compliment you on the programs you presented to our Brokers and Commercial Division Sales staff. The Sales Style Indicator is a useable tool by anyone who wants to improve and expand their inter-personal skills and communication effectiveness. With regard to the "Leading The Survivors of Change" session with our owners and managers, I feel your explanation of "ready, willing, able," and the analysis of values were eye-openers for us. This particular session clearly addressed the need to change our paradigms if we are to survive the changes and go forward into the 21st century successfully."

Gary Parks, Regional Director
Realty World, Western Canada Region

"I used Consulting Resource Group's Personal Style Indicator and Sales Style Indicator in a staff meeting with all my staff. This has brought us outstanding results. As a result we have become more focused and efficient, resulting in higher productivity, not only in sales, but the willingness for everyone to work together as a team."

R.A. Skinner Jr., Broker/General Manager
Realty World, Hall Agencies

"We've been using your Sales Style Indicator and SSI In-Depth Interpretations for two years. They play a key role in our first-tier Sales Skills program. I recommend them, given our experiences."

Tracey Ross-Watmore, Manager
Nestle Brands

" ... could not have anticipated the impact the Personal Style Indicator would have with it's leaders. Many of the 360 in attendance have been through similar programs such as DISC or Myers-Briggs, yet they consistently gave feedback on how much more valuable and superior the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) was in comparison. Not only was the PSI valuable, your presentation style and skill impressed the group of 360, your ability to interact and relate to the audience increased your credibility in their eyes. I was personally impressed with the way you were able to control such a large group, even during the large-group activities."

Jim Janz, President
Janz and Associates Ltd

"I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent three-day teambuilding program you conducted for our senior executives. We were impressed by your knowledge of the subject, by your professionalism, and by the style of your delivery."

Chris Cole, Human Resources Manager
Dabbagh Group Holding Co. Ltd.

"... tools such as the Personal Style Indicator and the Self-Worth Inventory have many applications for our business, both in terms of organizational development and for working with health care and human resource professionals. "How refreshing it is to attend a training program where the presentation lives up to the expectation. To use your words, your passion for developing individuals, families, and organizations came through in your warmth, friendliness, and presentation skills."

Ruth B. Fischer, President
NutriSmart Inc.

"I appreciate your caring, openness, flexibility, and uncanny ability to concretize the abstract. Your leadership model seems to remind me of this last capability. You really have a talent in this regard!

William McKendree, President
The Clarion Group, Ltd.

"Thank you for the outstanding job presenting at The Summit Special Event Trade Show and Symposium. We received many compliments on the professionalism you exhibited. Many attendees commented on the breadth of knowledge you shared, and how their business dealings will be enhanced by the information you presented."

Christa Totorice, Owner
The Summit Special Event Trade Show and Symposium

"I realize you condensed what normally would be a three-day program into approximately five hours. Your knowledge, professionalism, and presentation style certainly made the brief time enjoyable and extremely useful. You demonstrated a true understanding of style differences, and provided great insight as to how we can improve our personal effectiveness by recognizing these styles and, where appropriate, shifting styles to enhance communication."

Sue Cushing, Assistant Vice President
GTE Business Development and Integration

"Congratulations on a job well done! Our salespeople were very pleased with your sales seminar. I know you worked extremely hard on making sure our session was successful and it paid off."

Peter D. Alpen, Vice President
The Fraser Valley Radio Group

"You literally helped GTE to do the "impossible." Developing a workshop-based experience for our top 200 executives, that would replicate the approaches and results of the private intensives attended by our 15 senior executives, was a challenge even I wasn't sure we could pull off. Thanks to your genius for developing powerful personal development tools and your willingness to design something unique to GTE's needs with us, we did it."

Greg Dabicci, Manager
GTE Telephone Operations North Area

"You have been part of one of the largest training initiations ever undertaken in the auto industry in Canada; its success is due to your skill, determination, professionalism, and especially your stamina. Your ability to "roll with the punches" and deal with situations from facility problems, no shows, walk-in attendees, material shortages, and some attendees being less than enthusiastic, and still carry out a first-rate training session, is a tribute to your professionalism and dedication."

R. J. Bowey, Manager
Ross Roy Communications Canada Inc.

"While I consider the MBTI to be a very effective tool for providing quality feedback, it can be very cumbersome to use. Workshop participants frequently struggle with grasping the interrelationships between the four different continuums and rarely remember their type after one exposure. On the other hand, participants easily understood the Personal Style Indicator and style-shifting. More importantly, because of it's practical, straight forward nature, I believe participants will be able to easily use the PSI back on the job."

Michael Kossler, Employee Relations
GTE Telephone Operations, North Area

"The Leadership Skills Inventory opens your eyes to the complexity of Leadership. You quickly learn that each section is a developmental process that each individual Leader must experience, you will become confident and prepared to be more effective with a wide range of individuals, groups and organizational issues. Completing this learning program will position you to manage less and lead more."

Val Wilson, President
Val Wilson, Ink

"Ken's presentation was very professional; I was especially pleased with how he developed the program to fit our specific needs. His knowledge and understanding of our industry was certainly beneficial to those who attended the course."

Ross Bowden, President
Advance Genetics, Inc.

"Our members attending the convention really appreciated all the work and effort you put into your presentations. We were impressed with the content, style, and enthusiasm you share. We would recommend your address to individuals and groups seeking ways to gain more knowledge to improve personally and collectively."

Art Peters
Manitoba Holsteins

"Ken is a dynamic leader; he was able to make the seminar enjoyable as well as informative. I would highly recommend this Communications Skill program."

Lynne Bishop, Secretary
BC Artificial Insemination Centre

"Your practical ideas in the area of Time Management and Customer service certainly will help our team be more effective in the future. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you as a resource for other organizations."

Earl Scott, General Manager
Western Breeders Service

"Improved communication was identified as one of our objectives. The material presented and the knowledge you shared through your interaction with each member achieved our goals."

Rob Reviere, Chairman of the Board
Tennessee Beef Industry Council

 Education Testimonials

"With your invaluable information on personal style, we have been able to determine the division of responsibilities for providing leadership opportunities for our students, based on the strengths each of us brings to the team. I have noticed a growing respect for the individual talents each of us brings to the leadership of our school."

Laurna Ritchie Harrington
School District #34

"As a Senior teacher of Psychology, I have had Consulting Resource Group administer the Personal Style Indicator to approximately 300 of my students. I have found the students consider the results helpful to them in their understanding of themselves, their association with others and their selection of a career. I have had the opportunity to examine several instruments that fall into the general range of claims as that of the PSI and have not found one that combines the quality, efficiency and professional workmanship that this instrument possesses."

Robert A. Boughen, Teacher
Mennonite Educational Institute

 Government Testimonials

Alberta Department of Agriculture,

"Ken Keis presented a seminar on the Personal Style Indicator. Ken's outgoing, friendly style established a good atmosphere for learning. I found that the seminar proved beneficial in building better interpersonal relations and a strengthened work team."

Earl Jenstad, Manager
BC Dairy Industry Program

"I have been impressed with the high degree of accuracy and professionalism I have come to expect from you."

John Les, Mayor
District of Chilliwack

"Your presentation, resource materials, and workshop format provided timely insights to that amalgam of leadership skills required for community leaders. Participants appreciated how both of you were able to translate the complexities of leadership into specific areas for self development."

Gordon McIntosh, Executive Director
Islands Trust

"This Symposium brought many law enforcement professionals together to discuss the issues of leadership, ethic, integrity, responsibility, and accountability; it provided a strong investment in the current and future law enforcement leaders of California. The success of this Symposium directly reflects the contribution you made with your presentation."

Kenneth L. Whitman, Bureau Chief
State of California, Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

"Participants were intrigued with the work they did on the Personal Style Indicator, As each person began to understand their strengths and areas to improve, they were able to recognize strengths in others and how each could be motivated. Participants gained an understanding of personality styles through Ken's thorough and entertaining presentation. Many commented on how well he kept their interest throughout the presentation, and that they went away empowered to work with their leadership teams."

Pat Tonn, Youth Development Specialist
BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food

"We hired CRG consultants because they helped us solve a problem. We needed to begin to shift the culture and behaviors of our senior medical directors. We needed them to embrace and implement a new method of providing leadership at the two hospitals. The models, inventories, and teaching methods that Marilyn brought to the workshop were well received, and have made a lasting impression on the physicians and other managers. They felt she was extremely knowledgeable, was able to give them valuable information they could utilize immediately, and they enjoyed her facilitation style."

Suzanne Guest, Director
BC Children's Hospital

"Thank you for your informative presentation. Your point about the importance of leadership versus management was particularly enlightening. The presentation was concise and effective."

Lorna Klemanski, Chapter Secretary
Skagit Valley Medical Center

 Non-Profit and Associations Testimonials

"I have used several "personality style" indicators. After participating in your program, I found the Personal Style Indicator developed by your company to be a better fit for business use than some of the high priced professional personality inventories I have used in the past. Your presentation had practical applications for sales and marketing people. I recommend you and your programs to all SME people at every level of their organization."

J. Lawrence Dressor, President
Sales and Marketing Executives, Tacoma, WA

"Ken, your powerful presentation of 'Power Your Business With Purpose' played a major factor in the success of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce's Round Table Workshops. It was a timely inspiration to all of us."

Leona Klingspon, Manager
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for addressing our members during our luncheon meeting. Your motivational ideas were much appreciated by all of us. We were very much impressed with your enthusiastic presentation, your stand-up style adds to your message."

Frank Bogle, Secretary
Kiwanis Club of Clearbrook

"Ken Keis gave an extremely informative presentation, 'Why Are We In Business Anyway?' which was enjoyed by our membership. The audience response was very positive."

Cal Crawford, President
Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

"I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the assistance and leadership you provided in facilitating our planning meeting. Through your expertise, we were able to work together as a team to develop our short-term plans and action steps, and bring into focus the job that needs to be done over the next six months. The session exceeded everyone's expectations."

Jim McQueen, Chair
Mill Lake Centre Steering Committee

"Thank you for your recent organizational development services in assisting the Association to draft a new governance handbook. The interactive and collaborative manner in which you approached this project allowed us to actively participate in the process. You were sensitive to the needs communicated by the Board of Directors and its Organizational Structure Task Force. You demonstrated the ability to work independently at crucial points in the project."

R. W. Caulfield, Executive Director
Certified General Accounts Association of BC

"It is becoming a greater challenge to equally focus on work, family, and ourselves. And it is reassuring to know that we can call on you anytime to help us manage both our personal and workplace success and happiness."

Ingrid Pinel, Education Chair
Meeting Professionals International

"Your presentation was timely, informative, and very thought-provoking. It laid out very clearly for all of us the essential elements of building a leadership organization."

Ruth Montgomery, Program Director
CACP Forum Series

"Ken Keis did an excellent job of walking us through the Stress Indicator and Health Planner in a very interesting and insightful way. The planner was extremely helpful in pinpointing areas of stress that need specific attention. The group's only complaint was that Ken could not stay longer."

Tim Klassen
Spirit West Community Christian Church

"I am particularly impressed with your knowledge and in-depth understanding of the team-building process. The leadership within the cattle industry is facing major change; teamwork is crucial to the success of our industry. I want to thank you for helping us to understand how to build successful teams."

Laura Flanders, Manager
National Cattlemen's Association

"Your energy and enthusiasm were inspirational to the conference delegates. Ken, your expertise on the subject matter was evident in the way your leadership abilities were communicated through the workshop sessions. We can confidently say the members were impressed with your people skills.' They admired how you, as a businessman, were able to lose the professional edge by joining in with our various activities."

Diane Martin, Secretary-Treasurer
Junior Farmers' Association of Ontario